auto-translate 在江户时代,珍宝寺三宝寺被称为神话宗派避世宗的两性宗神庙神社。据...



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auto-translate In the Edo Period, the treasure temple Samboji temple is called the Kamuishama, the temple of Shingon sect Bisho sect whose main honor is Fudo. It is said that the first year of Norinaga in the Muromachi period (1394), Yukinori Honjo priest capital opened. Civilization ninth year (1477) Shakujii castle It is said that after the castle fall, it moved to the present place from the current baseball stadium ground on the south side of Shakujii Ike pond. It was protected from Mr. Hajo Odawara during the Warring States Period and Mr. Tokugawa in the Edo Period and had several dozen temples in the vicinity and became the sixteenth turning point of 86 offices in the prefecture. Although there are things burned down by two fires, there are still many collections of excellent Buddha statues and paintings. In addition, the mountain gate is said to have become called "the gate" from the fact that when the 3rd general Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu hunted, this place was taken as a resting place. It is said that Nagayamon at the east side of the mountain gate moved the gate of the mansion of Katsu Naishi mansion. In addition, the following Nerima Ward Designated / registered cultural property is located. Nerima Ward designated cultural property ○ Bamboo bell in Samboji temple (one hanging from the bell tower) Nerima Ward registration cultural property ○ Yida Sansuki visiting image board monument (stored in the child rearing house Jizo Hall) civilization four years (1472) inscription. A visiting image is drawn. ○ Samboji temple gate 1 building ○ Night Buddhist monument of Nagasaki 8 years (kept in Child Elementary Zodiac) Eikon Era (1436) inscription. The oldest Night Buddha statue monument in the country. March 2008 Heisei 18th Board of Education Nerima Ward

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auto-translate 在江户时代,珍宝寺三宝寺被称为神话宗派避世宗的两性宗神庙神社。据说在室町时代(1394年)的御见的第一年,育空本庄司祭首都开业。文明第9年(1477)石神城据说在城堡倒下之后,从石井池池南侧的现在的棒球场地移动到现在的地方。战国时代的小田原先生和江户时代的德川先生受到保护,附近有数万个寺庙,成为县内86个办事处的第十六个转折点。尽管有两件火烧毁的东西,但仍有许多优秀的佛像和画作。另外,从三德将军德川一郎将军追捕时,山门据说被称为“门”,使之成为休息的地方。据说,山门东侧的长门移动了胜奈乃宅邸的大门。此外,下列的练马区指定和注册的文化财产位于。练马区指定文化财产○三宝寺的竹钟(从钟楼上吊的一个)练马区登记文化遗产○依达西树参观形象板碑(存放在育儿馆地藏厅)文明四年(1472)题词。访问图像绘制。 ○三宝寺门1楼○长崎的夜间佛教纪念碑8年(在小孩的生肖保存)艾康时代(1436)题词。在国内最古老的夜晚佛像纪念碑。 2008年3月平成18年教育委员会练马区


 三宝寺は、江戸時代には山号を亀頂山といい、不動明王を本尊とする真言宗智山派の寺です。室町時代の応永元年(1394)、権大僧都幸尊が開山したと伝えられています。文明九年(1477)石神井城 落城の後、石神井池南方台地上の現在の野球場周辺から現在地に移ったといわれています。
 また、山門は、三代将軍徳川家光 が狩りをしたとき、ここを休憩所としたことから「御成門」と呼ばれるようになったと伝わります。山門東側の長屋門は、勝海舟 邸の屋敷の門を移したものといわれています。
 ○三宝寺の梵鐘 一口(鐘楼に吊られているもの)
 ○弥陀三尊来迎画像板碑 一基(子育千体地蔵堂に保管)
 ○三宝寺山門 一棟
 ○永享八年の夜念仏板碑 一基(子育千体地蔵堂に保管)


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