auto-translate 金金谷遗址靖佑神社元华寺(1618)从四月卡奈村到激酶村(上川神...



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auto-translate Kinjinya ruins Yosuwa shrine Yuanwa shrine (1618) From April Kanai village to Kinasegura village (excluding Kamikuma Senchiyanagi Uchikawa village) The 14th east side of the Chikumagawa River became the shogunate territory and was called Sakagi Goshiki. A bamboo shop was set up in Saka Kimura and politics by a substitute officer was held here. From the first year of Kanji (1624) it becomes Itakura territory from Echigo Matsudaira Tenri 2nd year (1682). This era was called the Sakaki clan and the clan area &39;s hanjo government was placed in this place. Genroku sixteen years (1703) Mr. Itakura in April moved to Fukushima and became the territory of the shogunate again. In the fourth calendar year (1754), Jinya moved to Nakano and Sakaki Goshiki was entrusted to Nakano. Until 1999, it survived as a business trip shop, but it was abolished after that. Initially it was borrowed a private house, but it was newly built in the era of keeping Komichi Masuda, the lord of Matsushiro lord, the first year of Tenma (1681). This building burned down a large fire in Yoko 4 (1767) Yokocho. Although it is not keeping the aspect of the shinya now, the stone wall on the east side and the ruins of the Inari shrine on Ishigaki and former name Jinya Road are the remains of that time. March, Heisei 7, Sakajo Town Board of Education

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auto-translate 金金谷遗址靖佑神社元华寺(1618)从四月卡奈村到激酶村(上川神戸県内川村除外)川川川东十四号成为幕府的领土,被称为坂下七雄。竹村在木村村成立了一家竹子店,政治人物被替补人员在这里举行。从汉字的第一年(1624年)开始,第二年(1682年)就成为松本E a E becomes becomes的地方。这个时代被称为坂本氏族,氏族地区的氏族政府被放置在这个地方。 Genroku十六年(1703年)四月初的Itakura先生搬到福岛,再次成为幕府的领土。在第四个日历年(1754年),金雅搬到了中野,坂田坂井被委托给中野。直到1999年,它作为商务旅行店幸存下来,但之后被废除了。最初是借了一个私人房屋,但是它是在建立在保持松下龙阁下的第一年(1681年)的松下正雄的时代新建的。这个建筑在Yoko 4(1767)Yokocho烧毁了大火。虽然现在没有保持鑫雅的方面,东面的石墙和石垣和前名金亚路的伊那里神社的遗迹是当时的遗体。平成7年3月坂町教育委员会


元禄十六年(1703)四月板倉氏は福島へ移封となり再び幕府直轄領となった。宝暦四年(1754)には陣屋は中野へ移り坂木五千石は中野預りとなった。同九年までは出張陣屋として存続したがそれ以後廃されるにいたった。初めは民家を借用したものであったが天和元年(1681)松代藩主真田幸道 の預かり時代に新築された。この建物は明和四年(1767)横町の大火の折焼失した。


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