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auto-translate The groundwater that sprays out from Shima Town to Shima Tora no Okami Town to Uragami and the US town was a source of irrevocable life for indigenous people. It was used as a high quality brewing water of sake known as people &39;s drink and crab sake after the Japanese living in the Edo period. Especially this well water was cherry-tasted so it was cherished, it is in the vicinity of Meiji 40s around this time * It is called "Sha Tiger&39;s Well" due to the name of the restaurant Sha Tiger Tora which crowded with the song red light. In 1908, Ishikawa Sakaki, who was assigned as a reporter in the Kushiro Newspaper, deepened his relationship with the geisha fellow of Ryotei Shigeru Tora, so the citizens continue to rush a lot, I am deepening my desire and attachment. The poet Fukao Sumako awarded the water of this fountain which is good taste of high quality and said that the dipper in the scooping lure calls for a folded pattern that the Big Dipper (ladle) type is appropriate "Hokuto to heaven, water of Shiga tiger in the ground" The rich poetry that he sang with him raised the voice of the well further. Kushiro

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auto-translate 从币舞町,地下水自流在这里和那里在美国镇虎”怀恨在心,生活的土著民族的饭勺以及是生活中没有Kakegai源。喀托·基希自江户时代曾作为优质酿造用水鲑鱼被称为酗酒和吸毒的缘故人。特别是,Kiyoshihiya一直是井水中的美味和过重要的是,已经在此*千奈附近的餐厅饭勺虎,这是用歌声红灯挤“赖斯以及桨虎”的名字被称为1907年全年存在。自1908年(1908年),塔库博古·艾希卡瓦被任命为钏路本报记者加深了艺妓的小家伙和餐厅的亲密饭勺虎,公民意想不到的好运来啄木的井水,小家伙不断涌现浪子看感情,它加深了附件。在湘子之名泉诗人萨马科·富卡水是美味的好品质,是舀瓢他抬头假装折叠方式北斗星(杓型)什么是适当的“北斗在天上,饭勺虎在地上的水”浓郁的诗情这是唱又进一步提高了的声誉很好。钏路


 明治四十一年(1908年)釧路新聞記者として赴任した石川啄木 が料亭しゃも寅の芸妓小奴と交情を深めたことから、市民は滾々と湧きつづけるこの井戸水に啄木の小奴へのつきぬ想いをみ、愛着を深めている。
 また詩人深尾須磨子 が美味良質であるこの名泉の水を賞し、掬う柄杓には折柄ふり仰いだ北斗七星(柄杓型)こそがふさわしいとし”天に北斗、地にしゃも寅の水”と謡った豊かな詩情が、この井戸の声価を一段と高めた。


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