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auto-translate Muramizuya · Shimazaki Fujimura Memorial Location Chuo-ku Ginza 5-chome No. 1 No. 3 Yasuaki Elementary School was opened in June, 1878, and Kitamura Kamiya and Shimazaki Fujimura were their early graduates. Kitamura Gorisya (1868 - 1894) was born in the current Odawara-shi, Kanagawa prefecture, moved to Kanazawa-ku Yaemon-cho Town (present Ginza 4-chome) together with his family in the Meiji 14th year and attended Yasuaki Elementary School until graduating the following year. did. Since then, he was aiming at the political campaign by attracted by the Liberal Democratic movement, but later turned to literary activity and worked as a literary critic and poet. Toya participated in the journal &39;literary circle&39; in Meiji 26, advocating liberalism in literary art, was said to be a pioneer of modern romantic literature. Shimazaki Fujimura (1872 - 1943) was born in Nakasendo Magome Inn (present Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture), came up to Tokyo in 18th Meiji era, from the wife of Kyobashi-ku Yusaya cho (near the current Ginza 3-4 chome) I went to Yasuaki elementary school. After that, the elder sister came back home to the homestay&39;s house, graduated in the Meiji 17 year. Fujimura who deepened his interest in literature during his studies at Meiji Academy received a profound influence from Toya through the activities of the "literary circle". Written works include "Wakasa Mune", "Spring", "Before Dawn", etc. Among them, "Breakout" is said to be the forerunner of naturalism literature. February 1951 Chuo Ward Board of Education

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auto-translate Muratokoku,托森·希马萨基碑的位置,中央区银座丁目最13号宁明小学是在六月开1878年(1878),Tokoku和托森·希马萨基北村是最初的毕业生。 Tokoku北村(1868年至1894年)出生于当前小田原,神奈川县,搬到1881年的京桥区Yazaemon与家人镇(当前银座丁目),出席宁明小学直到毕业,明年或这是。然后,被吸引到自由民权运动,但渴望的政治运动,他曾作为文学评论家,诗人转身后的文学活动。 1887年Tokoku谁参加了六年杂志“文学世界”,在文学呗自由主义,被说成是现代浪漫主义文学的先驱。托森·希马萨基(1872年至1943年)是,中山道马込出生在客栈(中津川市,岐阜县电流),搬到东京1881年来,京桥区Yariya街的女儿女婿目标(接近目前的银座三,四丁目)宁明正在读小学。然后,Kigu由他的妹妹夫妇的房子的家伙人已经回国,他在1884年毕业。该藤村的明治学院学生中加深了对文学的兴趣,是深受Tokoku通过“文坛”的活动的影响。版权包括“孝若菜”,“春”,“黎明之前”,其中“Hakai”据说是自然主义文学的先驱。 1977年5月一年中央区教育委员会

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 泰明小学校は明治十一年(1878)六月に開校され、北村透谷島崎藤村 はその初期の卒業生でした。


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