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auto-translate From the ruined horny mounds Kanzaki is a shrine on Minakatto and goes to the west sea. Both of you and the ship are busy here and it&39;s hard to be a prostitute of a prostitute. Year 2 (1207) Meguri Honkoni was moved to Sanuki County Hokkaido and was brought to a boat from the Toba of Yamashiro Festoon, and it took a boat from this Minato to a craft called Musashi Miyagi and went to the crowd. I pray that I am deeply sorry for my sins and I do not want to help the future. Paternly sorrowfully Once I return to the present application of Aba and I will not let go of my name without fail, I will consume all sinners in the Buddha of Buddha and disappear any kind of crime and lead to the West Pure Land What to suspiciously recommend Voice of a high voice to the same Honkyu Miyagi Along with Miyagi five women&39;s tears will become the sea with their sleeves become the sea and dare to say that they are superior to the guards Five people fly into the bottom of the river deep into the bottom of the sky Vacant people surprised Even when searching with a lot of money I will buried in one place on this riverbank in search of nagaregiones without any doubt and I will never forget a guardian of guerrillas of superior guards If we call it a prostitute motherfucker this is Genjiro 5 Years (1692) Amagasaki Taisenin Building a tombstone here on the table and marking the name of the six-character name and the five girls (Miyagi Azuma tea leaves (mulch algae) Ogura kenbosu (adult)) in the table Once in the Kanzaki River there is a lily bridge and a prostitute This river He lifted the dead body who submerged from underwater and becomes a name of the bridge or Tsu Nothing in the country has been a law No matter how long it hurts Yuuko Miyagi Amagasaki City Nyoroin harpo idiotic mound

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auto-translate 从跟踪妓女神崎妓女土堆没有人韩减去通过西海的Inishihe凑多所房子船Arikeri留挤满了船福。 1207年(1207)三月法然装到保级从消费在这凑折叠到神圣牧师饲料皮脂供应船比鸟羽在赞岐国Kohi的富托基·亚马希罗指小船的东西了toiu妓女宫城只有悔罪Te和福枪,做Sukekara未来的深罪。圣Itodo可怜Oboshimeshi法律一旦KiIri到本Omone陀Shuse的一个方面,不能忽视Myogo是推荐和必被带到佛悟道有任何Zaisho也忽疑问它确实会导致西方净土消失它飞进不着人的声音高的五人与宫城它的惊喜佛一次大胆地齐声妓女泪供应袖子神圣牧师和云福也到五人提供线索,以合掌到Morotomo成为海Kawaha深海床你如果你正在寻找的,什么是也被称为启而不终于寻找尸体的圣人埋在一个地方上的指导佛供应富比用Rokai1692年这个妓女丘(1692)尼崎如来院河堤Morotomo妓女五人,并Rokujinomyogo据传表建立了一个墓碑更加这里来了(宫城东茶叶(卡里莫)小仓动力蛋白(成人))修旧神崎的名称具有了toiu百合大桥妓女这条河十日意外成为桥比世达尸的名字百合比水淹没即将推出自己津市什么是监听的等待是什么火腿发挥不合时宜的法律妓女宫城县尼崎研究所如来几个妓女国家的事


神崎はいにしへ湊にして西海に通ふ船とも多ここに泊り賑ひいはんかたなく遊女の家船 ありけり。建永 二年(1207)三月法然 上人讃岐 国に左遷され給ふとき山城鳥羽 より船にめされこの湊にかかり給ひし折から遊女 宮城といふものの小船にさをさして上人に向ひて身の罪業深きをざんげし未来を助からん事を願ふ。上人いとど哀れにおぼしめし一度阿陀の本願に帰入し名号を怠らず修せは佛の光明に摂取して如何なる罪障も忽消滅し西方浄土 に至らん事何の疑あるべしとすすめる法の声高く同音に念仏し給へば宮城と共に五人の遊女涙は袖が海となり諸共に合従し導き給へ 上人と云ふも敢す 五人一度に河波深き水底へ飛入 空しく人々驚きろかいを以てさがせともその甲斐なく漸くなきがらを求めてこの川岸に一つところに葬りて上人諸共引導の念仏し給ふ これより遊女塚と呼ぶものならし 元禄 五年(1692)尼崎如来院よりここに墓碑を建て表に六字の名号裡にと遊女五人(宮城 吾妻 茶葉(刈藻) 小倉 代忍(大人))の名をきさむ むかし神崎川ゆり橋 といふあり 遊女この川へ身を沈めたる屍を水中よりゆり上げしより橋の名となりぬとか 
 津国のなには のことは法ならぬ あそびたはむれ まてとこそきけ 遊女宮城

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