auto-translate 地中海中村村寿中村中村是一个从明治到早期的昭和时代的欧洲风格的画...



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Nakamura Fusetsu Kyu-taku
Nakamura Fusetsu was an European style painter and calligrapher active from the Meiji to the early Showa Era. He was born on July 10, 1866 in Hacchobori in edo. He was called Sakutaro in his childhood; he spent his child days in Nagano beforehe moved to Tokyo in 1877. He was trained with Asai Chu and Koyama Shotaro. his paintings are shown at Meiji Art Society Exhibitions. Moreover, he undertook illustrations for the Newspaper Sho Nihon. He studied painting in France for 4 years since 1901, and had inputs from painters Raphael Collin and Jean-Paul Laurens. * eはドイツ語仕様か
After his return to Japan, he was active in exhibitions as a member of the Pacific Painting Society and the Imperial Fine Arts Academy, while he made great efforts in education of younger painters as a president of the Pacific Painting School, he thus contributed to the education in fine arts by producing excellent painters. He was a close friend of authors like Mori Ogai and Natsume Soseki, and painted illustrations and laid out the title strings for the cover pages of I Am aCat, Collection of Young Herbs, The Wild Daisy and others.
In the field of calligraphy, he is known as a calligrapher as well as a founder of the Calligraphy Museum. In the Calligraphy Museum opened on November 3, 1936, 16,000 pieces of which 12 are important cultural assets and 5-important art treasures are collected. Nakamura family's residence and storehouse were lost with fires caused by US attacks in April 1945, but the museum and its collection, as well as a bust of Fusetsu and stone lantern escaped from fires. Fusetsu himself lived in the place of Negishi for 30 years since 1913. He died at the age of 78 on June 6, 1943, and his body was buried in the Tama Cemetery.
Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

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auto-translate 地中海中村村寿中村中村是一个从明治到早期的昭和时代的欧洲风格的画家和书法家。他出生于1866年7月10日,在edo的Hacchobori。他的童年被称为樱太郎1877年,他在长野度过小孩的日子,搬到东京,接受了Asai Chu和Koyama Shotaro的训练。在明治美术协会展览上展出了他的画作。此外,他为新闻报日内讯做了插图。自1901年以来,他在法国学习绘画已有4年,并曾从画家Raphael Collin和Jean-Paul Laurens投入。 * eはドイツ语仕様か他回到日本后,积极参加太平洋绘画协会和皇家美术学院的展览,同时作为太平洋绘画总裁的年轻画家的教育,因此,他通过生产优秀画家为美术教育做出了贡献。他是Mori Ogai和Natsume Soseki等作家的亲密朋友,并为插画绘制了插图,并为I Am aCat,Young Herbs Collection,The Wild Daisy等人的封面设计了标题。在书法领域,他被称为书法家书法家,也是书法博物馆的创始人。在1936年11月3日开幕的书法博物馆,收集了12,000件重要文化遗产和5件重要艺术珍品。中村家族的住所和仓库由于U造成的火灾而丧生1945年4月的S攻击,但博物馆及其收藏品,以及Fusetsu和石灯的半身像从火灾逃脱。 Fusetsu自1913年以来,自己生活在Negishi的地方30年。他于1943年6月6日死于78岁,身体被埋在了多摩公墓。东京都教育委员会

東京都指定史跡 中村不折旧宅(書道博物館)
所在地 台東区根岸二丁目十番四号
指定 昭和二十七年十一月三日

 中村不折 は、明治・大正・昭和初期の洋画家で書家であり、慶應二年(1866)七月十日江戸八丁堀に生まれた。幼名を鈼太郎という。少年時代を長野で過ごし明治二十年(1887)上京し、浅井忠小山正太郎 に師事し、明治美術会に出品するほか、「小日本」新聞の挿絵なども担当していた。明治三十四年(1901)から四年間フランスに留学し、ラファエル・コランやジャン=ポール・ローランスの教えを受けた。帰国後は、太平洋画会や帝国美術院の会員として展覧会活動を行う一方、太平洋美術学校校長として後進の育成にも力を入れ、多くの逸材を育て美術教育にも貢献した。
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