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auto-translate Kyoto Designated Historic Site Kikoan Address Location Taito-ku Negishi 2-chome No. 5-15 Designated April 1, 1954 Shoji Masaoka (1867-1902) is a haiku / poet / essayist. My younger son is Masu, real name is regular, another issue is 獺 festival shop owner, Takenonari person etc. Born in Fujiwara Shimamachi, Iyo Prefecture (present · Ehime prefecture Matsuyama city), advocated innovation of haiku · tanka, and also proposed sketchy sentences. Activities by the newspaper "Japan" and the haiku "Hototogisu", Hikaru Mori and Natsume Soseki visited the haiku in Kenkan, and Chiba Ito and Nagatsuka sect are participating in the singing and it is the source of the song "Araragi". There are many books such as the haiku poem "Haikuro journal", "Haikin Busonmura", songwriting "songs written by songs", song book "Take no ri songs", essential writings "Ink Juice One Drop", "Disease Roku" and "Supine Cartoon". Shiki lived in this place from 1894 (February) in 1894, and died because of illness on September 19, 1902 (1902). Mother Yae, the sister also lived here after death of Shikono, after that Shikagawa no Oroba Kanegawa Tribes continued to protect Aman. Showa Denpo (1945) Although the house was destroyed by the war damage, it was rebuilt as the old rule by the rat bones of Showa 25 and reached the present. The area of ​​the land designated as a historic site is 45, 6 square meters. March established in March 2002 Tokyo Board of Education

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auto-translate 京都指定古迹四季庵位置都台东区,根岸丁目第五大道11号规定1960年,Masaokashiki(1867至1902年)4月1日是诗人,诗人,散文家。小名是鳟鱼,真名是由常规确定,另一个问题獭祭手工店丈夫,Takenosato人如。出生于伊予国藤原新町(现在爱媛县松山市),倡导俳句,短歌的创新,还提出了草图声明。由本报“日本”和海狮“杜鹃”,森是在四季的俳句诗人隐居鸥外的聚会活动,夏目漱石还参观了,伊藤是在诗歌方幸夫,段等长冢参与,橡树“Araragi”的源头。这本书的Hylon“俳句纲要”,“诗人Buson”卡隆“赋予歌曲读写,”诗经“Takenosato歌”,散文“印度墨滴摇”,“Byosho六英尺”,“仰卧漫录”,如频繁。四季从1894年十年(1894)二月住在这个地方,Bossu为同一35年(1902年)九月19天疾病。母亲八重,Imotoritsu驻留在这里也是四季死亡,然后弟子四季的寒川鼠骨继续保护隐居。 1945年十二年(1945年),但一个故事建房是毁于战火,重建旧条例由1950年的大鼠骨质我们到现在为止。那些在古迹指定的土地面积为四零五六平方米。 2000年三个月安装东京都教育委员会

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所在地 台東区根岸二丁目五番十一号
指定 昭和三十五年四月一日

 新聞「日本」及び俳誌「ホトトギス」により活動、子規庵での句会には森鷗外夏目漱石 も訪れ、歌会には伊藤左千夫長塚節 等が参加、歌誌「アララギ」の源流となる。
 子規はこの場所に明治二十七年(1894)二月から住み、同三十五年(1902)九月十九日病のため没す。母八重、妹律は子規没後もここに居住し、その後は子規の門弟寒川鼠骨 が庵を守りつづけた。
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