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auto-translate The origin of the Takayama Inari Shrine
Karita, Ts'ai soul of your God (God food presided by industry)
Shrine, 9/15
Takayama Inari Shrine deity of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, positive forward worship your holy place Zen Inari daimyojin.
According to the literature of bygone days from now about five hundred years ago in the region shrine erected his shrine and the shrine are written.
And was called the mountain shrine several high Shrine at that time Takanawa terrain is slightly elevated Hill shrine peaks of tens of 200 stone steps in and we are told.
It was listed as goals of the boat as long as the current DW forward Shinagawa Station area is overlooking Beach quickly approached with boso fronts than it was.
(Period Edo attractions drawing see) Meiji early Mori Duke mansion here to and than the same vast site was donated by view from the ground was remarkable and I think swelling we reported to Emperor Meiji made his rest and his 野立 by upon the transfer of the capital to Edo from Kyoto.
(Mori home collection of literature reference) Lost 15 U.S. precincts, Taisho 12 years after great Kanto earthquake due to expansion of the national highway approach also ( old approach is cobbled roads ahead of current location North 32 U.S. faces and rose stone stairs toward the southern ) avid whaling cooperation has moved in the direction of the current along with the flow of history DW damage significantly efforts of early predecessors of the Showa high mountain shrine hosankai to the establishment of the completion of the shrine of the 9/1931 and came up at the magnificent new shrine.
Originally from ancient times Takanawa-Minami, gathered confidence of parishioners of the old Naka-Cho town, Takanawa shrine annual September 15, synchronize, and a lively Festival events onsite we are.
Shrine otori residence withstood the wind and snow for about 60 years to 0/1988 was urged by parallel architecture both inside and outside of major refurbishment required: to hosankai committees came to see the completion of the renovation by the tremendous cooperation of our parishioners and our dedication.
Venerable shrine hundreds-year-old of the shrine as a guardian of parishioners prestige attracted strong prayer all mankind peace and happiness, God bless to the prosperity of the nation and descendants of this shrine is. Built by 9/1988

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auto-translate 高山 Inari Shrine 的起源
Karita,你的神 (神食品由业主持) 蔡灵魂
高山 Inari 神社神性在京都伏见 Inari 神社,积极向前崇拜您神圣的地方禅宗 Inari daimyojin。
被称为高轮地形是 200 石头数万的轻微升高的山神社高峰时间的步骤,并告诉我们几个高祠在山祠。
它被列为目标的船,只要当前 DW 前方品川站区俯瞰海滩快速接近与 boso 前面比。
失去 15 美国区里,大正 12 年之后关东大地震由于国家高速公路的扩展方法还将老方法是北 32 美国面临的当前位置前进的鹅卵石的道路,玫瑰石台阶往南部) avid 捕鲸合作已移动的和流动的历史 DW 损害当前方向大大早期的昭和高山前辈努力祠的靖国神社的 9 1931年完成建立 hosankai 和壮丽新祠提供了。最初从古代高轮南,收集旧的那珂町镇,高轮神社每年 9 月 15 日的教民的信心同步,并将我们是活泼的艺术节活动现场。
神社大鸟居住地经受住了风和雪到 0/1988 年约 60 年来并行体系结构所需的主要翻新内外均已敦促: 到 hosankai 委员会来看的翻新完成巨大的教民,我们竭诚合作。
9/1988 年的建

御祭神 宇迦御魂神(食物主宰産業神)
例祭日 九月十五日
高山稲荷神社 は京都伏見稲荷 大社の御分霊・正一位福聚稲荷大明神の御神霊を祭祀しております。
大正十二年関東大震災 後国道の拡張に伴い約十五米の境内を失い参道も(旧参道は現在地北側三十二米先の石畳道路に面しており南方に向って石段を昇った)現在の方位に移りましたが歴史の流れと共に社殿の損傷も著しく昭和の初期諸先輩の努力により高山神社奉賛会を設立し氏子一同の熱心な御協力により昭和六年九月吉日社殿の御造営を落成し現在の荘厳な新社殿を仰ぎ見るに至った。当初は古来高輪南町・下高輪町(旧中町)の鎮守の神として氏子町民の信望を集め毎年九月十五日を期し賑やかに大祭の行事を執行致しております。


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