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auto-translate Designated Important Cultural Heritage / City Historic Site Setagaya Ward Regional Archives House Setagaya Daigakuin Yashiki (Oka Daijyo Residence) Since the middle of the Edo era, the Hikone clan has been the owner of the Oka family who settled in the village of Setagaya Ten 20 villages, Oka It is also called a substitute office building. As a substitute office building of the Daimyo Territory, it is one of the metropolitan areas in Tokyo, and it is designated as "Miyaki historic site" on November 3, 1947. Also, on January 21, 1973, the Oka house houseway shop and the front gate were designated as the "important cultural property of the country" for the first time in the city as a house building. 1. Main building This mansion was built around 1737 in the original sentence by the owner Ohba family seventh main owner Six Gohi Hyoraga. In the same year, Mori government was appointed as a substitute officer, and in the 3 rd year of honolulu (1753), a large scale renovation / extension has been done. The current main building was restored to the appearance in the 1960s. 2. It is a front gate building and a tombow of a thief, and it has an address in the west side. It is thought that it was built together with main building renovation in the 3rd year of Bao (1753). 3. Shikibodo entrance It was used as an entrance of officials of the Hikone clan at the entrance with a low board board (Takei). 4. Hakushu in the Hakushu agent &39;s office was mainly used by the owner of the hall to audit the officials of the clan. 5. Hakushu Gorimon (Middle Gate) 6. Built-in 7. Well Setagaya Ward Local Government Museum is the first public museum in the city that opened in 1964.

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auto-translate 指定重要文化遗产/城市历史遗迹世田谷区地区档案馆世田谷区大学雅树(Oka Daijyo Residence)江户时代以来,彦根氏族一直是奥卡家族的主人,定居在世田谷十村20村它也被称为替代办公楼。作为大名领土的替代办公大楼,它是东京的大都会区之一,并于1947年11月3日被指定为“Miyaki古迹”。另外,1973年1月21日,奥卡房屋商店和正门在城市中首次被指定为“国家的重要文化财产”,作为房屋建筑。 1.主楼这座豪宅建于1737年左右,由业主大巴家族第七主要店主Six Gohi Hyoraga原来的句子。同年,森大政府被任命为替代官员,并在檀香山第三年(1753年)进行了大规模的改建/扩建。目前的主楼已恢复到20世纪60年代的外观。这是一个正门大厦和一个小偷的墓碑,它在西边有一个地址。据认为,它是在鲍(1753年)的第三年与主楼改造一起建造的。 3.石od堂入口门牌(武井)入口处,作为彦根氏族的官员入口。来自“简明英汉词典”白州经纪人办公室的白州人主要是由大厅的老板用来审查这个氏族的官员。 5. Hakushu Gorimon(中间门)6.内置7.井田世田区地方政府博物馆是1964年在市内首次开放的公共博物馆。

国指定重要文化財・都史跡 世田谷代官屋敷 世田谷区立郷土資料館

世田谷代官屋敷 (大場代官屋敷)

世田谷代官屋敷は、江戸時代 中期以来、彦根藩 世田谷領 20 ヶ村の代官を世襲した大場家の役宅で、大
場代官屋敷とも呼ばれています。大名領代官屋敷 としては都内一の存在であり、昭和27年11月3日、
都史跡 」に指定されています。また、昭和53年1月21日には大場家住宅主屋および表門の2棟が、住
宅建造物として都内で初めて国の「重要文化財 」に指定されています。

1. 主屋

2. 表門
寄棟造 、茅葺の長屋門 で、西側に番所 を備えてい
ます。宝暦 3年(1753)に主屋改修とあわせ建築

3. 式台玄関

4. 白州
代官屋敷の白州 は、主に領

5. 白州通用門(中門)
6. 内蔵
7. 井戸

に開館した、都内初の公立郷土博物館 です。


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