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auto-translate Designated Important Cultural Property Designated Important Cultural Heritage of Nogami Shrine The designated Kumano Shrine was called the Kumano Daigaku before Meiji, but became a Kumano shrine due to the abandoned Buddha interpretation in the early Meiji Period, It became total compassion of. Its origin is said to be the guardian god of Annon castle &39;s guardian god by suggesting Kumano three companies here when Tadakazu Anzen Echizen Mamoru Tadakita built Annaka castle in the second year of Nagakuro (1559) . Since then, the ancestors of the Annakan clan thickly believed, and also collected the respect of the local residents as a total guardian of the castle in Annaka. The shrine, the shrine finger picture, the festival scroll picture, the ema, the golden hanging lantern are designated as an important cultural asset of the city. The shrine consists of the main shrine, the shrine, and the hall of worshipers. The main shrine is a gable-winged entrance, a three-column crossing, a two-story interstitial, with a zigzag wind blowing in the front, which is similar to Kasukabe with a roof flowing from there. On the seventh plateau of this main shrine, sculptures with trees such as plums, maple and Kasumi clouds arranged, centered on phoenix-like birds. Muromachi period style, light grace, the method features old-fashioned realities. In addition, the hall of worshipers are casting gamble towards the direction of worshiping in the closet building, between the three girders and between the two. Annaka City Board of Education

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auto-translate 现场神社安中指定的重要文化财产在1928年7年三月27天指定的熊野神社,明治以前被称为马萨鲁·库马诺权现,由废佛弃釈早期明治时代成为熊野神社,郊区它成为总监护人。当安中越前Tadamasa的起源保障1559年(1559)是设防的霍·亚苏金加,与情感这里的熊野三家公司,据说有太初霍·亚苏金加东北的守护者。此后安中氏族连续主厚厚的信心,也收集了当地居民的尊敬为安纳卡·卡斯尔的总本主。神社,神社手指绘画,节日卷轴,EMA,Karakane挂灯笼已经被指定为城市的重要文化财产。神殿,正殿,努沙大厅,由崇拜大厅。主神社是山墙ZotsumaIri,梁3之间,在两者之间的鱼陷阱之间的大小,与前面交错山墙,并且具有类似于春日建筑物乘以在从那里方向拜流动屋顶的结构。在鸟的中央,似乎凤凰一盘风七面正殿,它已雕刻装饰梅花,树木和雾如云,如枫。在室町时期的风格,它是一个苍白的雅,方法是配备了Kosetsu真实感。此外,崇拜的大厅,踝关节ZoTairaIri,梁三者之间,播磨两者之间,发行了方向朝拜方向Karahafu。教育的安中市教育局


熊野神社 は、明治以前は熊野大権現と呼ばれていたが、明治初期の廃仏棄釈により熊野神社となり、近郊の総鎮守となった。その起源は永禄二年(1559)に安中越前守忠政が安中城 を築城したとき、ここに熊野三社を勧請して、安中城の鬼門の守護神としたのが始まりと云われる。以後安中藩歴代城主厚く信仰し、また、安中城下の総鎮守として地域住民の尊崇を集めた。社殿、社殿指絵図、祭典絵巻、絵馬、唐金吊灯籠が市の重要文化財に指定されている。


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