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auto-translate 崎 historical guide ⦿ Tokaido and Daishi directions guidance Tokaido and Daishi way Tokaido. From Edo to Kyoto, the journey is about 120 to 120 kilometers, about 500 kilometers. It is a highway which Tokugawa Ieyasu has emphasized particularly and has been repaired. Many of the Daimyo queues passed through here, supplies traveled, cultural exchanges between the East and the West advanced. The Tokaido Kawasaki inn was composed of four towns, Korosu, Sonoko, Shinjuku, Hisenzaki, from the current Ogawachi to the Rokugo bridge, which became a lodging station later than the other accommodations in Motohowo (1623) year. From the late Edo period to the end of Edo period, at the height of the lodgings and tea shops and more during the boarding hall, it was very busy with travelers going to and from the ferryboat, and visitors to Kawasaki Daishi. Kawasaki Daishi was widely popular among the Edo people, as one of the leading Kanto celestial bodies that can take a day trip from that time. Tokaido that connects Edo and Kyoto. At the same time as that station, at the same time, it was a Kawasaki inn which flourished as the base of the following Daishi way. Tokaido Kawasaki lodging exchange building TOUKAIDO KAWASAKI SHUKU KORYUKAN

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auto-translate 崎历史向导⦿东海道和大师方向指导东海道和大师方式东海道。从江户到京都,行程约120至120公里,约500公里。这是德川家康特别强调的高速公路,并且被修理了。许多大名的队列通过这里,物资走了,东西方文化交流先进。东海道川崎客栈由现在的小仓,玄子,新宿,神崎等4个市镇,在现在的瓦古(1623)年,由现在的小川町附近的小川町到六乡桥,成为其他住宿的住宿地。从江户末期到江户末期,登机厅和茶馆等处的高处,乘渡船往来的客人都非常忙,去了川崎大道。作为关东的最重要的景点之一,川崎大师在江户人民中广受欢迎,使他能够从那时开始一日游。连接江户和京都的东海道。在同一时间,同一时间,这是一个川崎客栈,作为以下大师的方式蓬勃发展。东海道川崎住宿交流馆TOUKIDIDO川崎shuku kuriukan

川崎歴史ガイド⦿東海道と大師道案内図 東海道と大師道

 徳川家康 により特に重視され、整備がいそがれた街道である。大名行列の多くがここを通り、物資が行き交い、東西の文化交流が進んだ。
 東海道川崎宿 は元和九(1623)年、他の宿より遅れて宿駅となり、今の小川町あたりから六郷橋まで、小土呂、砂子、新宿、久根崎の四町で構成された。江戸後期から幕末にかけて、旅籠や茶店などが一段と多くなる宿場の最盛期には、渡し舟を乗り降りする旅人、川崎大師 へ向かう参詣客などで大いに賑った。川崎大師は、当時から日帰り参詣のできる関東屈指の霊場として、広く江戸庶民の人気を集めていたのである。
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