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auto-translate 久元 rooster in accordance with mid-March the State Iwamoto anguk Nichiren daibosatsu.

60 days, while at ushigome-chihba Temple in Temple, took various anytime morning pilgrimage, figure It is a print depicting the hustle and bustle of the 0/1861 (1861) in March, in chihba-ji Temple anguk tirthankar statues of Suruga Iwamoto experimental phase Temple 60 days forever was when. Hopefully this time Lord ushigome anytime through temple city, ushigome-sakana-Cho and chihba temple near 23 towns have a spouse/partner, has joined the Japan Nihonbashi, Bakuro-Equator, gathering many followers of Edo nobori-Cho, Akasaka, Higashi-Kanda, Kojimachi, Shinagawa, senju, Naito Shinjuku, and lanterns. Chihba Temple of Edo people had faith in the intently as seen during the Christian name of Kabuki actors of the time and that shows especially this exposition was difficult.

Kiyomasa in the precincts of float also performed well at numerous, can feel the enthusiasm of the Edo people of faith.
Strange Tokuyama chihba Temple history Hinatayama founded 0/1596 (1596) September 3 by Kato kiyomasa, receiving a blessing of the merit by the merit of the Lotus Sutra' means is the origin of the mountain, hachirozaemon.
Tirthankar statues enshrined from the early Edo period Nichiren Saints themselves enlightened, his statue was carved during the 49-year-old (soul put) made immediately after the Dragon, referred to soshigaya students mikage (and his life) misfortune except good luck from that escaped the mouth Shonin (1271), and has attracted many visitors since ancient times. Also became the prayer Temple of the Tokugawa in Edo period, many avid followers of ooku maid, was known hinatayama luminous hariti, 7 Dai-Myojin, myoken large momijiyama of Edo Castle from the Meiji Restoration.

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auto-translate 按照三月中旬状态 Iwamoto 安国日莲 daibosatsu 久元公鸡。
60 天,而在牛込 chihba 寺,寺了各种随时早上朝圣,图

它是描绘 0/1861 年喧嚣打印 (1861 年) 今年 3 月,在 chihba 吉寺安国 tirthankar 雕像的骏 Iwamoto 实验相寺 60 天永远是何时。 希望这一次主牛込随时通过庙市牛込町 sakana 和 chihba 寺 23 城镇附近有配偶/伴侣,已加入日本桥,马喰-赤道,收集的很多追随者的江户能堀町、 赤坂、 东银神田、 麴町、 品川、 千住、 内藤新宿和灯笼。 江户 Chihba 寺人有信心在专心地一样看到在教名的歌舞伎演员的时间,显示特别是这次博览会是困难。 清雅的浮动范围内还好上演繁多,可以感受到信仰的江户人的热情。

奇怪的德山 chihba 寺历史
Hinatayama 成立 0/1596年 (1596) 9 月 3 日由加藤清正,接收由法华经 》 中的优点优点祝福 ' 手段是山,hachirozaemon 的起源。 Tirthankar 雕像从早期的江户时期日莲圣人自己开悟所载,他的雕像被雕刻在 49 岁期间 (灵魂放) 龙,提到祖师谷学生三日月 (和他的生活) 后立即提出除了好运从那逃圣人 (1271),嘴和自远古时代以来吸引了许多游客的不幸。
在江户时代,许多狂热追随者的妻妾女仆也成为祷告的德川殿,是已知的 hinatayama 发光的鬼子,7 傣族-明神,妙见大红叶山江户城堡从明治维新。



 当山は文禄五年(1596年)九月三日加藤清正 公により創建され、『妙法蓮華経』の功徳により福徳円満の御利益を授かるという意味が、山号、寺号の由来です。江戸時代の初期より祀られている祖師像は日蓮聖人 が四十九歳の時に彫られた御像で、聖人自ら開眼(魂入れ)なされ、その直後に龍ノ口法難(1271年)を免れたことから、生御影(生きるお姿)厄除開運の祖師と称され、古来より多くの参詣者を集めてきました。


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