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Mass Suicide Site (historic site) Cultural Property Designated by Tokashiki Village
Designed on November 30, 2005
Tokashiki Village Board of Education
"The Reality of Mass Suicide - What happened here?"
From LOS ANGELS TIMES Monday Morning, April 2 1945
Tales of 'Barbarian Yanks' Results in Japs Seeking Death Rather Than Face 'Torture'
RYUKYU ISLANDS. March 29 (Delayed) (AP) - An appalling pile of civilian Japanese dead and dying, who preferred suicide rather than face American "barbarians," greeted Yank landing forces on Tokashiki Island in the Kerama group today. Cpl. Alexander Roberts, Army photographer whose home is in New York City, was with the first scouting patrol to reach the scene which he described as “the most horrible I ever witnessed."
"We had climbed over tortuous trails leading to the northern end of the island and had bivouacked for the night," he said. "I heard terrible screaming, crying and wailing which lasted into early morning."

"Two scouts went out when it was light to check on the screams. They were both shot. Just before I had seen six or eight grenade bursts up ahead. Finally, we came into the clearing which was littered with dead and dying Japanese, so close together I couldn't walk between them without stepping on them."
"I saw at least 40 women and children strangled with strips of cloth torn from their tattered clothing. The only sounds came from little children who were wounded but not dead. In all there were nearly 200 individuals."
"There was one woman who had strangled herself by tying a thin rope around her neck, with the other end tied to a small tree. She had leaned forward with her feet on the ground, pulling the rope tight about her neck until she strangled. What appeared to be her whole family was lying on the ground in front of her, all strangled and each covered with a dirty blanket."
"Father on there were dozens of people who had killed themselves with grenades and the ground was littered with other unexploded grenades. There were six dead Japanese soldiers and two others, badly wounded."
"Medics took the wounded soldiers back to the beach. I saw one little boy with a big V-shaped gash in the back of his head who was walking around. A doctor told me the child couldn't possibly live and would die any minute of shock. It was terrible."
Roberts said that doctors were giving morphine syrettes to the dying to ease the pain.
American litter bearers trying to evacuate wounded Japanese to an aid station on the beach were machine-gunned by a Nipponese soldier hidden in a cave on the trail. Infantrymen put him out of action and the aid work continued.
Japanese who had recovered sufficiently to answer questions told interpreters that Japanese soldiers told them the Americans would violate and torture the women and kill the men. They were amazed when Americans gave them medical aid, food and shelters. One old man who had strangled his daughter was filled with remorse when he saw other women unharmed and well-treated.
Quoted article from "History of Okinawa Prefecture, Material vol.3; Coverages of the Battle of Okinawa in U.S. Newspapers

渡嘉敷村指定文物 史迹「 集团自决旧址」
 〜 1945年4月2日洛杉矶时报晨报〜

■侵略军、 发现日本百姓集体自杀
由于“ 野蛮的美国佬” 的谣传而选择死亡甚于“ 酷刑” 的日本人
琉球列岛、 3月29日(迟) (AP)
宁可选择自杀也不愿屈服于美国" 野蛮人” 的日本百姓( 渡嘉敷岛人)、今天以尸体和奄奄一息的人们压在一起的可怕一幕、迎来了登上庆良间诸岛渡嘉敷岛的美国士兵们。
随同前哨部队先行抵达现场、 住在纽约的陆军摄影兵亚历山大・罗伯茨下士以“ 这是迄今为止我见过的最凄惨的场面。" 描述了当时的状况。他讲到、 “ 我们登上朝向岛北端的陡坡、 当夜露营、 黑夜中不断传来惨叫声、哭泣声和呻吟声、一直持续到清晨。 ”

“ 天亮之后、 派了2名侦察兵去査惨叫的原因。 这两个人也被袭击了。 稍早时我看到前方6个或者8个地方手榴弹爆炸的场面。跑到开阔的地带、 看到遍地都是尸体和奄奄一息的日本人( 注、 渡敷岛人) 。密集的人们倒着、 几乎没有下脚的地方。”
“被用破衣服撕成布条勒死的女人和孩子、 至少40人。 能听到的唯一声音就是受了伤没死的孩子们的呻吟声。 全部大约有200人。”
“有一个女人、 细绳缠着她的脖子、 绳子的另一端挂在一棵小树上。她脚踩着地、 身体向前倾倒。 脖子上的绳子一直紧缠着直至她窒息而死。看似她的家人橫倒在她面前、 都被勒死、 每个人覆盖着脏被褥”
“ 还有刚才用手榴弹自杀的几十人、 地上还倒着未爆炸的手榴弹。 日本兵(注、 岛民的防卫召集兵) 的尸体有6具、 还有另外两个受重伤的日本兵( 注、同上)。”
“ 卫生兵将负伤的士兵们带去海岸。 我看到一个后脑勺有个大V字型伤口的男孩在到处走着。 军医说那个孩子活不了、 会随时死于休克、 真是很残忍。”
罗伯茨下士讲到、 军医们还给奄奄一息的人们注射吗啡以减轻他们的疼痛。

正在将负伤的日本人送往海岸紧急救护所的美军担架搬运兵遭到一个藏在洞穴里的日本兵的机枪袭击。 步兵们阻击了那个日本兵、 救援活动才得以继续。
恢复意识的日本人们( 注、渡嘉敷岛人) 对翻译说、 日本兵说美国人对女人会施以暴行以及酷刑、 对男人则是残暴杀害。 他们对美国人为其提供医疗补助、 食品和避难所而感到惊讶。 一位勒死自己女儿的老人、因看到他女人没有受加害并受到善待而悔恨交加。

摘自・・・冲绳县史资料篇3美国报纸的冲绳之战 冲绳之战3( 日文译文篇)
2005年1 1月30日指定

渡嘉敷村指定文化財 史跡「集団自決跡地」
琉球列島、3月29日(遅)(AP)- 部一国の「野蛮人」の前に引き出されるよりも自殺する方を選んだ日本の民間人(注;渡嘉敷島の人々)が、死体あるいは瀕死の状態となって折り重なった見るも恐ろしい光景が、今日慶良間列島の渡嘉敷島に上陸した米兵達を迎えた。
記事引用・・・沖縄県史資料編3 米国新聞に見る沖縄戦 報道 沖縄戦 3(和訳編)
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