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auto-translate Dog Chiyoda-ku designated intangible cultural asset

Specify 4/1996 It is a stone pedestal parts put together this guardian dog is 1 pair to a height of about 1.5 meters. The surface seen from the shrine and the left and right images from IIDA-Cho so parishioners in "EI 9 Geng child November" and the inscription engraved. Former IIDA-Cho is currently fujimi 1-Chome and 9-Kita 1-Chome per is.
0/1590 (1590) Tokugawa Ieyasu Kanto immigration where, Taku and now referred to Cho, former town remained Sakashita region of the Hill was called IIDA-Cho 9-stage, but moved to the Tsukiji town on fire 0/1697 (1697), Minami-iizaka-Cho became a 9 Dan in Hill region. According to soil called the tayasu Myojin shrine started to 0/940 (940) spirit of masakado Musashi country-Toshima County, 上平川, and tsukudo shrine, and moved to close to IIDA city then tayasu. In 0/1616 (1616) and moved to the ushigome gate built dirt mountain (now Shinjuku-ku tsukudo Hachiman-Cho 2-), soil Myojin, along the way to 0/1874 (1874) soil and the shrine was renamed, but continued since located ushigome until the early Showa period.
But 0/1945 (1945), all burned, DW in the RAID (d) has been moved to close in slope even Inari Shrine, namely tayasu Myojin historic 9-9 in its present location. Cho, former resident was dedicated this case Koma 0/1780 (1780), soil shrine was a little away from the place of their residence.
It can be said of faith which does not change even after Cho, former residents have moved to ushigome shrines in the belief in their own era, so to speak, as proof that the dedication this article. Also in this case Koma while overhead "angle" is also upon the heads of the other "jewel" is put.
This seems to be in a strict sense the former aware "lion" and "guardian", the latter a distinguished sign.
This building sat in the extant temples and shrines in the city, including the oldest guardian guardian of the shrine is to us soil is standing in the corner of the 9-stage talk shows for people to spread the faith in the shrine during the Edo period, once lived in the area of Chiyoda life and faith, while.
3/1997 Board of education of Chiyoda-ku

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auto-translate 狗千代田指定无形文化资产
指定 4/1996

它是一块石头底座部分放在一起这护卫犬,是 1 对到高度约 1.5 米。 从靖国神社和左边和右边的图像,从饭田町看表面如此教民在"EI 9 耿子 11 月",碑文刻。 前饭田町目前是富士见 1 丁目,每 9 北 1 丁目是。 0/1590年 (1590) 德川德川家康关东移民在哪里,佐藤和现在提到 Cho 前, 镇保持的 Sakashita 山地区被称为饭田町 9-阶段,但搬到筑地镇火 0/1697年 (1697) 南饭坂町成为 9 丹丘陵地区。
根据土壤称为田安明神神社开始到 0/940 (940) 正门武藏国家丰岛县、 上平川,筑土神社的精神了,搬到附近饭田市然后田安。 在 0/1616 年 (1616) 水土搬到牛込大门建矸石山 (现在新宿区筑土八幡町 2-),明神,一路走到 0/1874 年 (1874) 土壤和靖国神社被重命名,但自位于牛込直到昭和初期以来持续不断。 但 0/1945年 (1945 年),都烧了,数据仓库技术在 RAID (d) 已关闭在边坡甚至 Inari 神社,即田安明神历史 9-9 在其目前的位置。
Cho 前, 居民是专用此案例高丽 0/1780年 (1780 年),土壤参拜靖国神社从他们居住的地方是稍微有点距离。 它可以是说以后不会改变甚至 Cho 前, 居民已搬到牛込圣地信仰中他们自己的时代,可以说,作为证明的信念奉献这篇文章。
也在这种情况下高丽开销"角"也是其他"上的明珠"的头上而是放。 这似乎是一个严格意义上的前意识到"狮子"和 《 卫报 》,后者在尊敬的标志。
这栋楼坐在现存寺庙和神社在城市,包括最古老的卫守护的靖国神社是给我们的土壤是站在 9 级脱口秀为人们在江户时代,传播信念在靖国神社的拐角处曾经住在千代田生命和信仰领域,而。
3/1997 年

狛犬 千代田区指定有形民俗文化財

 本狛犬 は、台座部分もあわせると高さ一・五㍍ほどになる一対の石像です。左右の像とも本殿から見た面に「元飯田町」「惣氏子中」「安永九庚子十一月」との銘文が刻まれています。元飯田町というのは、現在の富士見一丁目および九段北一丁目あたりのことです。天正十八年(一五九〇)の徳川家康の関東入国ころより、中坂や九段坂の坂下一帯を飯田町と称していましたが、元禄十年(一六九七)の火災で町が築地に移されて南飯田町となった際に、九段中坂一帯に残った町地を元飯田町と呼ぶようになりました。


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