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auto-translate 12 type steam locomotive No. - story C12 7
◆ steam locomotive came to the Park
9/1970, as a public park in Tokyo for the first time appeared a genuine steam locomotive togoshi-Koen.
No. 7 C twelve type steam locomotive, Japanese national railways at that time was scrapped just may save the locomotive Park, playground for children who want local, town people through us assistance. The locomotive was loaned 0/1933 was born.
It was veteran working in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Hokkaido, Fukui and Niigata, 11/1969, ashio line and Takasaki to retire until the ran also 1320000 kilometers away.
◆ to the life of the demolition, and the third...
From the open to the public, two advanced internal corrosion was repaired and painted years, children who got to play from the hazardous condition was taken down in the 0/1991.
Part of the dismantled parts are replacement parts C twelve type 164 unit running on the oigawa railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, is still active.
• To celebrate the memories... Description plate, C one was stored here for about 20 years (d) to continue bearing with long memories of no. 7 aircraft built. Occasionally, heavy heavy figure at that time if you'd put it is.

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auto-translate 12 型蒸气机车号-故事 C12 7

◆ 蒸汽机车来到公园
9/1970 年,作为一个公共公园在东京首次出现真正的蒸汽机车户越公园。
机车、 日本国家铁路在当时只是被废弃的号 7 C 十二式蒸汽可节约机车的公园,想要当地的儿童游乐场,小镇的人们通过我们援助。
机车借 0/1933年出生。 它是在会津若松,北海道、 福井县和新潟,11/1969,苇尾线、 高崎直到退休资深工作跑也 1320000 公里。
◆ 到拆迁和第三的生活......
从向公众开放,两个先进的内部腐蚀被修理好,并且漆年,孩子们要从危险的条件下发挥被拍下来 0 一九九一年。
被拆除的部分一部分是更换部件 C 十二类型 164 单位在静冈县打通铁路上运行,仍处于活动状态。
• 如果要庆祝的回忆......
说明板,C 一个都存储在这里约 20 年 (d) 继续轴承以久的回忆号 7 飞机建造。 偶尔,那个时候如果你把它重重图是。

C12型蒸気機関車 7号機-物語 C12 7

◆公園に蒸気機関車 がやってきた


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