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auto-translate Ueda Castle moats Northwest corner tower Ueda was revived by the Sengoku Tadamasa, the honmaru of building 7 2 tier yashina 2 building with a corner tower was built. Yashina and 2 corner watchtowers were built, was built in the gable of the main East-West (entrance), 1 pair of the earthworks on the northeastern part of the two buildings, on the earthworks of the Northwest was built one corner tower.
Main Northwest corner tower was the tower with the enemy invading from the West, located in front of the ninomaru west gable. These buildings are following the Meiji Restoration was sold to the private sector by the Government, West Tower other than the current building being demolished and had to be relocated. Then the 0/1942 redeemed by donations of Ueda City 2 corner watchtowers, 0/1943-24 years was restored as the current South Tower and North Tower.
In addition, 平成 5 年 is restored to the honmaru East gable yashina, regained his marvellously. Castle Northwest corner tower marks the excavations made on March 6, confirmed that it was building on the earthworks were built directly. Intended to punish the core pillar was built in the center of the corner tower at the cornerstone has now exposed on the ground, and circular columns of carved, core pillar can was approx. 50 cm diameter round timber columns. Found that this cornerstone of 栗石 remained in the range of approximately 2 m and is in the original position.

Also confirmed was in similarly to detect and punish building Foundation material for 栗石 columns and small Foundation, an existing corner tower West Tower between five North-South and East-West between the four largest buildings.
[Gold-leaf tiles] During the dredging work of the Castle moat took place in 0/1991, unearthed from moat bottom of roof tiles. We found that the tile had been fortunately built by Sanada Masayuki was 臣従 with Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which includes tiles these tiles, Toyotomi Chrysanthemum Crest circular eaves tiles and Pug-ugly 57 paulownia Crest with deep pattern of building specifications. Guess that many existed in the castle building tile by tile of Sanada's distinctive looks worthy of Sanada's era, and pictorial materials are scarce almost unknown, from all corners of the castle to be excavated.
Guess that there was building in pro-baseball while adhered gilt from the Northwest corner tower trail West moat bottom debris and excavated several points, shine Golden in this vicinity during Sanada's pro-baseball. Ueda City Board of education

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auto-translate 上田城堡壕沟西北角塔

上田复兴了仙谷由人忠正,建设 7 2 层 yashina 2 角塔建成的城主。 Yashina 和瞭望塔角 2 被修造,始建于主要东-西 (入口),对东北地区的两座建筑物土方 1 对山墙,对西北地区土方工程建成一个角塔。 主要西北角塔是与敌人入侵从西部,位于前方史迹山墙塔。
这些建筑物是继明治维新政府,除了当前建设是西部塔被卖给私营部门,拆除,不得不搬迁。 然后作为当前南塔和北部塔恢复了 0/1942 赎回由捐赠的角落,瞭望塔上田市 2 0/1943年-24 年。 此外,0/1994 年恢复到城主东山墙 yashina,恢复了他原来的状态。
城堡西北角塔标志着发表 3 月 6 日,确认它建筑的挖掘土方工程直接地被建立。 意在惩罚核心支柱建于中心一角的塔身在基石现在暴露的地面,和圆形的列上雕有、 核心支柱可以是圆木材列直径约 50 厘米。 发现这一基石的栗石留在约 2 米的范围,是在原来的位置。 也证实了在同样去侦测和惩罚建筑基础材料栗石列和小基金会,现有角塔西塔五南北方和东西方之间四个最大的大厦。

在城堡护城河清淤工作期间发生 0/1991 年,出土的屋顶瓦片护城河底部。 我们发现瓦建成幸运的是,由小川弘昌之是臣従与丰臣秀吉,包括瓷砖,这些瓷砖、 丰臣菊花顶圆瓦当和帕格丑 57 泡桐嵴与深花纹的建筑规范。 猜测,很多人存在城堡建筑瓦地的真田的独特看起来值得田信的时代,和图案的材料稀少几乎未知,来自五湖四海的城堡有待挖掘。 猜这那里建筑在亲棒球而坚持镀金从西北角塔径西护城河底碎片和挖掘几个点,这一带在真田的亲棒球金闪耀


 仙石忠政 によって復興された上田城 には、本丸に7棟の二層隅櫓と2棟の櫓門が建てられていました。本丸の東西の虎口(出入口)には、一対の石垣が築かれ、櫓門と2棟の隅櫓が建てられ、北東部の土塁上には2棟、北西部の土塁上には1棟の隅櫓が建てられていました。本丸北西部の隅櫓は、二の丸西虎口の正面に位置し、西側から侵入してくる敵に備えた櫓でした。

 平成3年度に行われた本丸堀の浚渫工事の際に、堀底より大量の屋根瓦が出土しました。これらの瓦には、五七桐紋鬼瓦や菊花紋軒丸瓦など豊臣氏にゆかりの深い文様を持つ瓦が含まれており、豊臣秀吉 に臣従していた真田昌幸 によって建てられた建物に仕様されていた瓦であることがわかりました。真田氏時代の上田城の様子は、絵図などの資料が乏しくほとんどわかっていませんが、城内の各所から出土する真田氏時代特有の瓦によって、瓦を葺いた建物が城内に多数存在していたことが推測されます。中でも北西隅櫓跡の西側の堀底からは金箔の付着した鯱鉾の破片が数点出土し、真田氏時代にはこの付近に黄金色に輝く鯱鉾の載った建物が存在していたことが推測されます。


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