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auto-translate Island Bridge At tsunoshima Island, hohoku-Cho Northwest about 1.5 kilometers offshore island that was linked to in the liner trade between the Mainland and often canceled when stormy weather, difficulty in the industrial Island, culture, education, health care, etc..
Tsunoshima Island Bridge construction campaign promoting cooperation to resolve this conundrum of all the results considered to be urgent to eliminate impediments that island to tsunoshima Island District's future prospect in development of the district, the district public meeting held, discussed the merits and demerits of cross-linked district future developments without bridge non-residents will, established, tsunoshima Island Bridge construction resolution for carrying out Alliance Association, town officials filed a petition on tsunoshima Island Bridge construction.
Due to this strong community expectations and enthusiasm has promoted tsunoshima Ohashi bridge construction.

Tsunoshima Island Bridge opened, this monument was built by our district people celebrates his long-cherished wish fulfilled order to leave to future generations.
11/26/1983, tsunoshima Island Bridge construction resolution for carrying out Alliance Association inaugural meeting
12/5/1983 hōhoku Town Council filed a petition
3/6/1984 a petition adopted in hohoku-Town Council
7/5/1984 hōhoku Town Council was established in tsunoshima Island Bridge construction Special Committee.
1/8/1988 in the Prefectural Governor's statement as a long-term problem Announces tsunoshima Ohashi bridge
4/1/1991 new adoption as a fiscal year municipal road accessibility project
Embarked marine Dept. Geological Survey 7/16/1991
4/1/1992 transferred to County and municipal road agency bridge maintenance business
7/2/1992 tsunoshima Ohashi bridge route announcement
9/6/1993 tsunoshima Island Bridge groundbreaking ceremony for the construction work.
12/8/1998 tsunoshima Island Bridge mounting road improvement construction
3/27/2000 binding expression to tsunoshima Island Bridge. 11/2000 tsunoshima Island Bridge opening ceremony

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auto-translate 岛桥

在 tsunoshima 岛,丰北町西北约 1.5 公里离岸岛屿被链接到在班轮贸易之间内地和经常取消当暴风雨天气,困难在工业岛、 文化、 教育、 卫生护理,等等...... 促进合作,以解决这一难题的认为是迫切需要消除障碍,岛屿发展区,tsunoshima 岛区未来展望的所有结果的 Tsunoshima 岛大桥建设运动举行区公开会议,讨论案情和缺点的交联的区未来发展没有桥非居民会成立,tsunoshima 岛大桥建设决议进行联盟协会,镇官员提出的申请,在 tsunoshima 岛大桥建设。
由于这个强大的社区的期望和热情促进了 tsunoshima 大桥桥梁施工。
打开的 Tsunoshima 岛大桥,这座纪念碑是由我们区人庆祝了他的夙愿实现为了给后代留下。

1983/11/26,tsunoshima 岛大桥建设决议进行联盟协会首次会议
1983/12/5 hōhoku 镇议会提交一份请愿书
1984/3/6 在丰北镇议会通过的一份请愿书
1984/7/5 hōhoku 镇议会在 tsunoshima 岛大桥建设特别委员会成立。
1988/1/8 在刺史的语句作为长期的问题公布 tsunoshima 大桥
1991/4/1 新通过作为一个财政年度市政道路辅助功能项目
开展海洋部地质调查 1991/7/16
1992/4/1 转移到县及市政道路工程处桥梁维修业务
1992/7/2 tsunoshima 大桥桥路线公布
1993/9/6 tsunoshima 岛大桥奠基仪式的建设工作。
1998/12/8 tsunoshima 岛大桥安装道路改造施工
2000/3/27 绑定表达式到 tsunoshima 岛大桥。
11/2000 tsunoshima 岛大桥开幕典礼



昭和五十八年十一月二十六日 角島大橋建設期成同盟会設立総会
昭和五十八年十二月五日 豊北町議会に請願書を提出
昭和五十九年三月六日 豊北町議会において請願書採択
昭和五十九年七月五日 豊北町議会に角島大橋建設特別委員会設置
昭和六十三年一月八日 県知事年頭談話で長期問題として角島大橋架橋を発表
平成三年四月一日 平成三年度市町村道補助事業として新規採択
平成三年七月十六日 海上部地質調査に着手
平成四年四月一日 県事業・市町村道 代行橋梁整備事業に移管
平成四年七月二日 角島大橋架橋ルート発表
平成五年九月六日 角島大橋建設工事起工式
平成十年十二月八日 角島大橋取付道改良工事着工
平成十二年三月二十七日 角島大橋連結式
平成十二年十一月三日 角島大橋開通式


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