auto-translate 西海市定古迹 Ito 不建废墟



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auto-translate Saikai city designated historic sites ' Ito-no-URA ruins '

Specify the 9/30 0/1971 ( 1971 ) And daiba to the fortress that Saturday, fixed cannons, built in stone emplacements in. Describing the Omura clan No. 12 generation feudal Lord NET-Hee's performance "Lookout Mountain Park thing mark ' to Omura Bay entrance channel, Italy-there are articles and build a new Tokyo three points on the shore of the Bay, each 18 封度(ponndo) 24 封度 Cannon, and managed the land artillery. At that time, Cannon Cannon can fire a key ( 1 pound = 454 grams ) in representation. Omura clan of feudal records "実録 nine leaves' to 0/1864 ( 1864 ) 2/11 article the Omura clan seas Odaiba seven places have had, but targeted for foreign ships and abolished except for two areas of Seto villages, located in goto-Nada sea and inland Omura Bay between Italy-article shogunate filed turret opened to the URA. According to article 4/28, Sendai Bay Village village medical Kanamori of Chongqing in the cannon building fund tribute feat are given cultivated an anti.
Odaiba establishment was strained relations with foreign countries Shimonoseki incidents occurred as foreign ship artillery bombardment of the namamugi incident caused by British fleet and the Satsuma clan battle off the coast of Kagoshima, choshu's retaliatory measures, such as increasing background and possible. This, Ito-1 daiba of Tokyo Shibaura is West his town small attack Township-bi-River Valley (where the stairs on the right side) to about five meters high stone walls remain.

-2 daiba, West he town ITA-Urago-shiomi (Benten island opposite Hill), daiba No. 3 is West he town ITA-Urago-Italy-and had to guess.
Saikai City Board of education Set up 3/2013

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auto-translate 西海市定古迹 Ito 不建废墟
指定 9/30 0/1971年 1971年)

水城的堡垒炮台星期六的时候,固定加农炮,建造在石炮台。描述大村宗族号 12 代封建主网朴正熙的性能"瞭望山公园的事情标记 ' 大村湾的入口通道,意大利那里文章和建立新东京三湾,每个 18 封度(ponndo) 24 封度岸上点加农炮,和管理土地火炮。在那个时候,加农炮大炮开火可以表示中的关键 1 英镑 = 454 克)。大村宗族的封建记录"実録九叶到 0/1864年 1864年) 2/11 条村宗族海洋台场七个地方有了,但针对外国船只和废除除两个领域的濑户村庄位于 goto Nada 海洋和内陆大村湾之间打开到市建局的意大利条提起的幕府炮塔。根据第 4/28 条,仙台湾村庄建设基金进贡壮举的加农炮重庆市医学金森给出耕地反。台场成立与外国生麦事件所造成英国的舰队和温州蜜柑氏族争斗了鹿儿岛海岸下关的报复性措施,例如增加背景和可能的外国船只炮击下关事件发生的紧张的关系。
这,Ito 1 水城炮台的东京芝浦西是他镇小攻乡双河流域 (在哪里在右边楼梯) 到约五公尺高高的石墙仍然。-2 水城炮台,西镇 ITA 浦乡汐 (途中岛对面的山上)、 水城号 3 炮台是西方他镇 ITA-浦乡-意大利-和不得不猜测。

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