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Specify 11/25/1985
永安寺 the Temple of the Soto sect, called original mountain mountain. Reportedly Shibata Assistant chanter was in ohama Chaya village headman, 助郷 help to provide needed horse post station road village was ordered as the plight of the village sued the applied for exemption. Kariya clan Lord 0/1677 (1677) to have his syouin and then 助郷 useful in the village became exempt.
Village introduces Assistant chanter of presenting each of the Lords, exemption of 助郷 lasted until the end of shogunate. It is said people in the village, and thanks to the Assistant tayu 厚恩, which was built on the ruins of his old House.
Soan is later appointed as a temple named original eihei Ryoanji, named after the original Gen of minorities in the posthumous Buddhist name of his and his wife's cheap Hisayuki, Teru Araki. General Superintendence of pine extends vertically from the ground, but this pine is divided in 3 directions of North, South and East from 1.5 m in height and are stretched. From reminiscent of dragons to this tree, cloud, about to rise to the heavens and is known as "pine of the cloud Dragon".
From the tree, this pine is considered from Assistant tayu. Anjo City Board of education

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auto-translate 松树树永安寺云龙
指定 1985/11/25

据报助郷柴田助理风笛是在大滨蔡村长,帮助提供所需的马后站路村奉命作为村庄的困境豁免起诉的应用。 刈谷氏族主 0/1677年 (1677),有他的 syouin 和助郷在村子里有用后来豁免。 村庄介绍了助理风笛的呈现每个上议院,豁免的助郷一直持续到年底幕府。
据说人在村里,和由于助理大禹厚恩,他的旧房子的废墟建成。 索安后来任命为寺一位名叫原来有影响力的禅宗龙安,少数在他的遗腹子佛教名称原代和他的妻子廉价朝礼,特鲁荒木的名字命名。
一般监督的松树竖直延伸从地面,但这松树分为三个方向的北部、 东部和南部从 1.5 米的高度和拉伸。 从龙到这棵树,让人联想到云,将升至天堂,被称为"云龙松"。 从树上,被认为是从助理大禹这松树。

県指定天然記念物 永安寺の雲竜の松

 永安寺は、曹洞宗 の寺院で、山号を本然山といいます。
 大浜茶屋村の庄屋であった柴田助太夫 は、街道の宿場駅へ必要に応じて人馬を提供する助郷役を村が命じられた際、村の窮状を訴えて免除を願い出たと伝えられます。領主であった刈谷藩 は、延宝5年(1677)に彼を死罪としましたが、その後、村の助郷役は免除となりました。村では、領主の代替わりごとに、この助太夫の一件を説明し、助郷役の免除は幕末まで続きました。


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