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auto-translate Hachiman-gu shrine

BU hachimangu shrine is appointed as totomi Governor Sakurai King during the Nara period, when the country goes well it has reportedly built by the.
"Shizuoka Prefecture designated cultural properties]
Gate (Edo) Showa 30-year designation Has built in 0/1635 (1635). It is a pure Japanese building in stone, with depth and beauty throughout the building's Gate.

Blown on the roofs of thatched rally at 0/1983 shuffled, from 0/2014 as name 17 years due to degradation of the materials, and carried out a massive saving repair Koji.
"Iwata city designated cultural properties]
The middle gate (Edo period) March 17-year designation Erected 0/1635 to then culture over the years (1804-1818) to be rebuilt. Gate is a pure Japanese building, middle gate in Zen style is is in contrast.

It is the gate in Edo buildings new techniques to leave.
"Honden and haiden with Heiden (Edo period) specified 0/2005 According to the House Bill, the main 0/1617 (1617), Heiden and haiden in 0/1635 was built. Main hall MIMA's current building, sanctuary and Dono is a stone building.

Heiden and haiden was rebuilt in 0/1714 (1714), has been reported today.
The wooden statue of by his follower (Edo period) March 26-year designation Is believed built in the Edo period before and after the gate was erected.

A is chipped colouring is almost no repairs such as materials, original appearance intact, is valuable by his follower image is enshrined in the gate.
On the other, usually published inasenn, Iwata city, cultural property, Mizuki Hana feng's 8 Crest mirror (Nara period)-statue of soukei which Hachiman's (Heian period)-statue (Heian period) and michihiko morning heavy heavy dedication EMA (Edo period), Uchida s. votive EMA (Edo period) there are.
7/2015 Iwata City Education Committee on cultural heritage Division

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auto-translate 八幡宫


门 (江户) 昭和 30 年指定
已建在 0/1635 年 (1635)。 它是纯日本建筑在石头上,整个建筑的门美貌与深度。 吹 0/1983 洗牌,从 0/2014 年作为名称 17 年由于降解的材料,并进行了大量节约维修曲茅草集会的屋顶上。

中门 (江户时代) 3 月 17 年指定
竖立 0/1635 然后培养多年 (1804年-1818 年) 重建。 门是一个纯粹的日本建筑,中间的门,在禅宗风格是相反。 它是在江户建筑新技术离开门。

"特殊和海登与海登 (江户时代) 指定 0/2005
根据众议院的法案,主要的 0/1617年 (1617),海登和海登在 0/1635 年建成。 主殿 MIMA 当前建设、 圣所和不知道是一个石头建筑物。 海登和海登被重建 0/1714 年 (1714 年),据报今天。

由他的追随者 (江户时代) 3 月 26 年指定的木雕
相信建在江户时代之前和之后大门建成。 A 有缺口着色是几乎没有维修如材料,原貌完整,是可贵的是受到他的追随者形象载大门口。

对其他的、 通常已发布的 inasenn,岩田聪市文化财产,水木韩亚峰 8 顶镜 (奈良时期)-soukei 的雕像的幡 (平安时代)-雕像 (平安时代) 和彦上午重重奉献 EMA (江户时代) 内, 田 s.还愿 EMA (江户时代) 有。


 府八幡宮は、奈良時代に桜井王 が遠江国司として赴任したとき、国内がよく治まるようにと、建立したと伝えられています。

楼門(江戸時代) 昭和三十年指定

中門(江戸時代) 平成十七年指定

《本殿及び拝殿付幣殿(江戸時代) 平成十七年指定

木造随身像(江戸時代) 平成二十六年指定

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