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auto-translate Designated cultural properties former Mitsuke-Juku aside Honjin 大三河屋 gate

Specify 11/21/2005 Honjin was determined as a facility to accommodate serious walking the streets of historical Edo period, feudal lords and nobles. Wakimoto team accommodation supplement the Honjin in, had the largest Honjin and formality.
大三河屋 was first stayed, but wakimoto team 0/1805 (1805). This gate I canopy on two pillars, and beam with gable roof put on.
It is a gate shaped kuinji wakimoto's door to decorate the building gate used in the gate of the House of the Warrior and merchant, but how small. In berthing thatched gable roof, and place the small killer whales to the ends of the Ridge, from the ridge ends with cooling tower, ornament representing the lion on the tip of residue cover on the tile is placed.
Wakimoto executives gave the impression depending on the descending wing, profound, restless, venerable tradition and traditional furnishings.
Once from the find was moved to nakaizumi nakatsugawa House was used as a talisman gate is 0/2005, and donated to the city, was finished in 0/2007. 3/2007 Iwata City Education Committee on cultural heritage Division.

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auto-translate 指定的文化属性前见附补习一旁本阵大三河屋门
指定 2005/11/21

本阵决心作为一个设施,容纳严重历史江户时期,封建领主和贵族的街上行走。 胁本团队住宿补充本阵中的,大本阵和手续。 大三河屋第一次留下来,但胁本团队 0/1805年 (1805 年)。
这扇门,我以两个支柱,冠层和梁的山墙屋顶放。 它是塑造 kuinji 胁元门用的战士和商人,殿的门口把建筑大门装饰门但多么小。
在靠泊茅草的人字形屋顶和小鲸的脊,两端从山脊结束与冷却塔的地方,放置装饰代表在瓷砖上的残茬覆盖提示上的狮子。 胁本高管给取决于降翼,深刻、 焦躁不安、 悠久的传统和传统家具的印象。
一次从这一发现被搬到了中泉开始房子曾被用作护身符门是 0/2005,并捐赠给了城市,0/2007 年完工。
2007 年 3 月岩田聪市教育委员会关于文化遗产司。

市指定文化財 旧見付宿脇本陣大三河屋門

 江戸時代、宿場 には街道を往来する大名や公家が宿泊する施設として、本陣が決められていました。脇本陣は、本陣を補うための宿泊施設で、本陣に次ぐ規模、格式を持っていました。大三河屋は、はじめ旅籠屋でしたが、文化2年(1805)に脇本陣となりました。
平成19年3月 磐田市教育委員会 文化財課


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