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auto-translate Next to this bridge town Nihonbashi-yokoyamacho
Landmarks and historic sites Guide to Scenic Spots and Places of Historical Interest Information
Origin in The Cradle of Storyteling Genroku (1688-1708) of the ancestors of storytelling and Akamatsu k. "at a crossroads the towns of Mitsuke Asakusa (Asakusa bridge hashizume) became the birthplace of Edo expounding the Taiheiki.

2-6-8 East Japan
Juntendo originated in The Birthplace of juntendo Univ. The founder of juntendo SATO self-possession (1804-1872), learn the Netherlands and Western medicine in Nagasaki tourism, way back in the Edo 0/1838 (1838), while living in the professors MILF explained.

2-6-8 East Japan
Counties in house ruins The Remains of Gundai Residence Dominated and the Bakufu direct control territory throughout the Kanto Kanto counties in the Oval Office and ruined house. Since the Government opened the INA's hereditary and, controlled cutting gwon-Nong, litigation, taxation, education, etc.

Japan-Bashi Bakuro-cho 2-Chome
Street address Guide to Information on Land Names
Japan bridge next to the town Nihonbashi-yokoyamacho

Clarify the origin of the town name is not "Odawara help book in the 0/1559, as Ishii a chiko appetiser 300 sentences, from Edo period next to the branch and that those already 1 village made sense as.
East Japan bridge Higashi-nihonbashi

It is resulted from implementation of the residential street.
Former) Japan bridge two Fomer) Nihonbashi-yrogoku

Derived from the Ryōgoku bridge between Musashi and total between the two countries.
Former) Japan bridge Tachibana-Cho Fomer) Nihonbashi-tachibanacho

House and Temple of Nishi honganji in Kyoto in the early Edo period, around the front gate sell Tachibana Tachibana-Cho, but was changed later to the Tachibana-Cho.
Former) Japan bridge yagenbori town Fomer) Nihonbashi-yagenboricho

There are theories that resembled yagen (divan fixtures grind salts) in the Sumida River edge was then called yagenbori, became the name of a town.
Japan Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho Nihonbashi-bakurocho

Tensho (1573-1591), would have lived was located in Bakuro-head Takagi genbei, Tomita 30 7 articles, but it is the origin of the name is not clear.

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auto-translate 下一步到此大桥镇桥 yokoyamacho

起源于 Storyteling 的摇篮
元 (1688年-1708) 的祖先的故事和赤松 k."十字路口见附浅草 (浅草桥桥诘) 的城镇成为江户阐述 Taiheiki 的发源地。 2-6-8 东日本

东京佐藤的创始人修养 (1804年-1872),学习在长崎旅游,回来的路上在江户 0/1838年荷兰和西方医学 (1838 年),虽然生活在教授熟女解释说。 2-6-8 东日本

县在房子遗址仍然是 Gundai 居住
主导和幕府直接控制领土整个关东关东县在椭圆形办公室,毁了的房子。 因为政府开设了职训局的遗传性和控制切割 gwon 农、 诉讼、 税务、 教育等。 日本桥马喰-町 2 丁目

日本桥接下来日本桥 yokoyamacho 进城
澄清起源城镇的名称不是"小田原帮助预订在 0 1559年为石井地子开胃菜 300 句,从江户时代旁边的分支,和那些已经 1 村庄合情合理的作为。


前) 日本桥两个前) 日本桥 yrogoku
来自 Ryōgoku 武藏和共两国之间的桥梁。

前) 日本桥立花美町前) 日本桥 tachibanacho

前) 日本桥药研镇前) 日本桥 yagenboricho
有类似压根的理论 (窟夹具磨盐) 在隅田川边然后叫药研,成为了一个小镇的名字。

天祥 (1573年-1591),也会过位于马喰头高木玄平、 富田 30 7 文章,但它是名字的起源尚不清楚。

日本橋横山町 Nihonbashi-yokoyamacho

名所・旧跡案内 Scenic Spots and Places of Historical Interest Information
講談発祥の地 The Cradle of Storyteling
 元禄(1688~1708)の頃、講談の先祖・赤松清左衛門は浅草見附(浅草橋橋詰)の町辻で太平記を講じ、江戸講釈の発祥となりました。  東日本橋2-6-8

順天堂発祥の地 The Birthplace of juntendo Univ.
 順天堂の創設者佐藤泰然(1804~1872)は、長崎遊学でオランダ語と西洋医術を学び、天保9年(1838)江戸に帰り、薬研堀に居をかまえ蘭方熟を解説しました。  東日本橋2-6-8

郡代屋敷跡 The Remains of Gundai Residence
 関東各地の幕府直轄領と支配した関東郡代の執務所兼住宅跡。幕府開設以来、代々伊奈氏が世襲し、徴税、勧農、訴訟の裁断、教育などを管理しました。  日本橋馬喰町2丁目付近

町名案内 Information on Land Names
日本橋横山町 Nihonbashi-yokoyamacho

東日本橋 Higashi-nihonbashi

旧)日本橋両国 Fomer)Nihonbashi-yrogoku

旧)日本橋橘町 Fomer)Nihonbashi-tachibanacho

旧)日本橋薬研堀町 Fomer)Nihonbashi-yagenboricho

日本橋馬喰町 Nihonbashi-bakurocho


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