auto-translate 起源于保土谷-病房,现代学校教育领域



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auto-translate Originated in Hodogaya-Ward, modern school education area

Shibuya 2-Chome No. 20 to
Formerly the Shibuya elementary school will be opened in 3/15 0/1875 (1875) and is centered around Shibuya village Mitsui hachiro right Mamoru gate, Morishima dembei, Noguchi seiuemon, Bell tree pleases tamarisk, and instrumental in the construction of the building, provided by seifu chikafumi in Shibuya 2-(Meiji-Dori where borders of miyamasuzaka) of built a school at 451 square meters of land is located. Based on the new educational system of the 0/1872-3 Department of junior high school, the first University Ward named No. 19-Shibuya school opened.
Referred to as elementary school in Shibuya-ku district for the first time made public, initially including the principal teacher and three students were in 84.
Difficulty to the upkeep of the school is financed by municipalities upon enforcement of the 0/1879 village of its own budget, its quirks, its upkeep has earnings Miyashita miyamasu-Zaka Mitsui hachiro right Mamoru gate mill is called on it.
Then determines the combined Owada elementary with ohmukai elementary school, such as the decrease in the number of students from 4/1997 Shibuya elementary school, jinnan elementary school as lower the curtain on its long history. Board of education of Shibuya-ku

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auto-translate 起源于保土谷-病房,现代学校教育领域
涩谷 2 丁目号 20 到

以前涩谷小学将开设在 3/15 0/1875年 (1875 年) 和围绕涩谷村三井八郎右卫门、 森岛 dembei、 野口 seiuemon,钟树高兴红柳和在建筑施工中,提供的清风 chikafumi 在涩谷 2-器乐 (明治通在哪里 miyamasuzaka 边界) 的建一所学校在 451 平方米的土地位于。
基于新学制的初中 0/1872年-3 部,第一大学病房命名 19 号--涩谷学校开学。 被称为涩谷区小学第一次公开发表,最初包括主要老师和三位学生在 84。
到学校的保养困难由市政当局在它自己的预算,其怪癖 0/1879年村实施后,其保养有宫下各坂三井八郎右卫门轧机称为它的收益。
然后确定联合的 Owada 小学与处小学,例如来自津南小学作为降低对其悠久的历史帷幕 4/1997年涩谷小学的学生人数在减少。


 明治八年(一八七五)三月十五日に開校したとされる旧渋谷小学校は、中渋谷村の三井八郎右衛門森島伝兵衛野口清右衛門鈴木喜代次郎 などが中心となって、校舎の建設に尽力し、成富清風 が提供した中渋谷二番地(明治通りと宮益坂の接するところ)の四百五十一坪の土地に校舎を建てたのがはじまりとされています。


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