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auto-translate Mitoshiro-Cho Chiyoda-ku address derived from plate beauty (mitoshirochou) Edo era, this region has high warlords had filled their house. Especially Genroku (1688-1704), Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu served as the fifth Shogun Tokugawa tsunayoshi, aides (Willow Dale OK easy) lived in the House.
That was lined with time-honored, old and wakadoshiyori discharged Samurai residence are made clear. There was also not only the samurai in this neighbourhood, on the other hand, the merchants and craftsmen living in Machiya. It is from this area was started was thriving by placing bathing during the business a good idea man also did not seem less so on bath (tannzennburo).
It was a town, he stayed an important Samurai at the Edo period art mitoshiro-Cho area and at the same time, create a new customs and fad. That town was named Miyo soil is of 0/1872 (1872). And the paddy fields growing rice for offering to Ise Jingu Shrine in this area (first fruits) "strengths!" story was led going in was born.
Are also called Kanda, named according to the same story. During the Meiji period Miyo soil town is one-had a vast town range from 4-down period, in accordance with its scope will continue to shrink.
Current Chiyoda-ku Kanda mitoshiro-Cho was born was 0/1947 (1947). Chiyoda-ku, Ward Office in Kanda beauty mitoshiro-Cho meeting

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auto-translate Mitoshiro Cho 千代田-ku 地址来自板美 (mitoshirochou)
江户时代,这一地区具有较高的军阀充满了他们的房子。 尤其是源六 (1688年-1704 年),柳泽佐藤担任第五幕府将军德川纲吉,助手 (柳戴尔 OK 容易) 住在房子里。 那布满历史悠久,老和 wakadoshiyori 排出的武士明确了住宅。
也有人不只武士在这附近,另一只手、 商人和工匠在町屋居住。 正是从这地区开始繁荣,通过放置期间业务好主意的人也似乎不沐浴少等等浴 (tannzennburo)。 不是一个小镇,他呆在重要的武士在江户时期艺术 mitoshiro Cho 地区和在同一时间,创建一个新的习俗和时尚。
那城名叫的 Miyo 土壤是 0/1872 年 (1872 年)。 出生在稻田种植水稻作祭献给在这一领域 (第一份水果)"特长 !"故事被带领的伊势神宫。 也称为神田,根据同样的故事命名。
明治时期 Miyo 土镇是-有一个庞大的城镇范围从 4 下期,根据其范围将继续缩小。 当前千代田区神田 mitoshiro Cho 出生是 0/1947 年 (1947 年)。
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千代田区町名由来板 美土代町(みとしろちょう)
 江戸時代、この地域一帯には、身分の高い武たちの屋敷が立ち並んでいました。特に元禄年間(1688~1704)には、五代将軍 徳川綱吉 の側近として活躍した柳沢吉保(やなぎさわよしやす)が屋敷を構えていました。そのほか、老中や若年寄を排出した由緒正しい武家の屋敷が軒を連ねていたこともはっきりしています。
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