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Down the age Tokugawa fifth generation General tsunayoshi's total era will undergo changes in the heaven harmony from Takara ( 1681, approximately 320 years ago ) of severe tax collection represented Suzukawa land survey has been done a few years ago, that more land survey was done.
Last year rolled precious eight years tsunami hit this area yoshiwara-Juku also from chukitsu now yoshiwara-Juku area, farmers like was in languish at the bottom in times of trouble, was forced to change. Harsh land survey was going to be held at such time and when the village headman river mouth city Shiro hamamol personality rich Ironside intrepidity, nearby people for determined and refused to land survey. This was captured by the 幕吏 and was condemned to be crucified.
It is said was 29 years old at that time city Shiro hamamol. Cannot worship in public so that villagers found it very sad for the shogunate sinners 憚ri shogunate secretly enshrined at the shrine and the appreciation that he has dedicated.

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auto-translate 2 川口,Shiro hamamol
沿着德川时代从宝天人和谐转变将第五次一代一般跟小哥的总时代 1681年,大约 320 年前) 严重的税收表示集合铃川土地调查已完成几年前,更多土地调查完成。
去年卷珍贵的八年海啸袭击本地区类似补习也从 chukitsu 现在类似补习地区,农民喜欢是在煎熬底部在困难的时候,被迫改变。
苛刻的土地调查要在这样的时候和当村庄村长河口城 Shiro hamamol 个性丰富艾恩赛德无畏,附近的人们,为确定和拒绝土地调查举行。这被捕获的幕吏,注定要被钉在十字架上。据说那次市 Shiro hamamol 的 29 岁。
不能在公共场合参加礼拜,所以,村民们发现它很伤心幕府罪人憚ri 幕府供奉在靖国神社和他有专门的赞赏。

 そのような時に行われようとした過酷な検地を時の名主 川口市郎兵衛は、その剛勇義気に富む性格で近隣庶民の為断固として検地を拒みました。これにより幕吏に捕らえられ磔刑に処せられてしまいました。その時市郎兵衛は二十九歳であったといわれます。


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