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auto-translate 木稲 shrine of Daishi Temple tea Present ichigaya Kameoka Hachiman shrine precincts of and Temple is more than 1200 years ago leaving now, I said Inamine mountains (I).
It is to ichigaya Kameoka Hachiman shrine is constructed at the beginning of the Edo period to the 木稲 shrine of this tea was the headquarters of this mountain, about 700 years. [Eye result legend: Karita has faith since ancient times of illness. According to ancient past on this mountain was sacred use of Inari Okami Byakko, but sometimes accidentally tea tree eyes, since it is revered by tea abhors, 3 months on new year's day was manners and customs 呑manai tea.
Is that considered if especially's eye is on the 三七日 21 days tea leaves desire was in miracle working, and various other wish is fulfilled. Your od] not far to shine in all directions, in the Edo period, who always Inari ranks across the country located to the top Maegashira every spring festival of hyoutan, as well as performed at each month's holidays and dedicatory Kagura Bong continuo, of the performing arts, also at the fair was very crowded standing.
Today due to spread of the Internet again from the National Guard has increased your prayer request
Q your Festival?
Day hatsuuma Festival (setsubun after the first day).
And 5/11
And 9/11 Jigenji positive view of recovery from eye Festival (October)

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auto-translate 木稲靖国神社的大师寺茶
目前市谷山阴八幡神社范围和寺超过 1200 年前现在要走了,我说稻岭山脉 (I)。 它是市谷山阴八幡神社建江户时代到木稲神社的这种茶初年的这座山,总部约 700。
[眼结果图例: 莎乐美式的卡有信心自古以来的疾病。 据古代过去在这座山上神圣运用 Inari 大神 》 Byakko,但有时是无意的茶叶树眼睛、 因为它被崇敬茶深恶痛绝,元旦 3 个月是风俗习惯呑manai 茶。 认为如果尤其是眼睛是在三七日上 21 天茶叶的愿望是在奇迹工作和各种其他一偿夙愿。
你的 od] 不远,照耀在所有的方向,在江户时代,谁总是 Inari 队伍遍布全国各地位于顶部的 Maegashira hyoutan,每年春节,以及在每个月的假期执行和敬业的神乐奉弦乐,表演艺术,也在展会上很拥挤的站。 今因再次从国民警卫队网上流传的增加了您的祈祷请求
Q 你的节日吗?
一天 hatsuuma 节 (节分后的第一天)。
和 5/11
和 9/11
Jigenji 正面的恢复从眼节 (10 月)

弘法大師開山 茶の木稲荷神社
市谷亀岡八幡宮の現在の境内地は、今を去る事千二百年以上前に弘法大師 が開山し稲嶺山(いなりやま)と申しました。市谷亀岡八幡宮は江戸の初期に遷座するまでは、この茶の木稲荷神社が約七百年に渡りこの山の本社だったのです。
・ 初午祭(節分後の最初の午の日)
・ 五月十一日
・ 九月十一日
・ 慈眼正観眼病平癒祭(十月)


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