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auto-translate Tamagawa josui For Tamagawa josui supplies water of the Tamagawa River in Edo city in the Edo shogunate 0/1653 ( 1653 ) shoemon and irrigation canals were dug commanded Qing right Mamoru gate brothers (after the Tamagawa brothers) is.
Reportedly planned in Edo at the time due to urban development and rapid population growth, water shortages and so on waterways development. From Nishi-Tama-gun Hamura yotsuyaokido ( Shinjuku Ward Wisteria ) by open channel 43 km headrace and from there which was water in Osaka Prefecture by stone pipes and woodwinds. Construction was completed in the surprise speed is more than just one year, but for this Musashino area farmers with Tumblr and mulberry trees, forced the so-called rush work and reported.
Also, ( initially claiming to be high well Nitta ) village Junior Wells was born at that time, many houses on site crosses the waterway according to the shinpen Musashi fudoki in the article is developed alternative destinations up and down high well villages were ordered to evacuate farmers said. Besides Tamagawa-josui serves intended purpose, supply of drinking water to the city in the Edo and estimated the Musashino upland villages, purported Nitta development as for drinking water, irrigation water and water wheel power. Is a watershed including the oldest wildfire distillate water at its peak in the total number of 33 places banner and was down Takai tomura watershed, osan village divide, on Kitazawa village water intake in the Suginami ward.
Description plate left osan village water mouth scars, with the Kitazawa village on the mouth watershed mark valuable extant examples in the city. Has been removed in the 34, 0/1898, Tokyo, completed improved water supply for waterway intact as a channel to the Yodobashi purification plant until recently used.
Removal of the Yodobashi purification plant due to the Shinjuku sub-Center plan reduces even flow is now from monitoring Institute, Kodaira (Kodaira-Shi Nakajima-Cho) only the upper part as a water channel and uses the.
Suginami ward Education Board

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auto-translate 多摩川如水
多摩川如水的多摩川河在江户幕府 0/1653年 1653年) 庄右卫门江户城供水和灌溉运河被挖吩咐清右卫门兄弟 (后玉川兄弟) 是。据报道计划在江户时候由于城市发展和人口的迅速增长,水资源短缺,等等水路发展。
从西多摩郡 Hamura yotsuyaokido 新宿病房紫藤) 通过公开渠道 43 公里引水和那里是水在大阪府的石管和木管乐器。建成的惊喜中速度是超过短短一年,但这与 Tumblr 的武藏野地区农民和桑树,强迫所谓赶工作并报告。此外,最初自称高井新田) 村庄小威尔斯出生在那个时候,许多房子上网站十字架 shinpen 武藏 fudoki 在这篇文章根据航道是开发替代目的地向上和向下高井村庄被迫撤离农民说。
除了玉川如水服务意欲的目的,在江户的城市饮用水供应和估计武藏野村落,看来是新田发展饮用水、 灌溉用水和水车轮动力。是 33 总数包括在其高峰期最古老的野火馏分水流域地方的旗帜也是沿着 Takai tomura 分水岭,乌山村庄鸿沟,杉并区病房北泽村庄进水。说明板留下北泽村放在嘴里乌山村庄水嘴伤疤,流域马克宝贵现存在城市的例子。
已删除在 34 0/1898 年,东京,完成改进的供水航道完整作为一种渠道向淀桥净化厂直到最近使用过的。除淀桥净化厂由于新宿分中心计划减少甚至流现已从监测研究所,小平 (小平石中岛町) 只作为水通道的上半部分,并使用。



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