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auto-translate Kagura Saka wakamiya Hachiman shrine luck book
Wakamiya hachimangu shrine is in your venerable was built by source tayo publicly in the Kamakura period
Karita benevolence Emperor Ōjin
Is your company
Wakamiya hachimangu shrine is wakamiya slope on wakamiya town and ( is wakamiya alley and also not edge ) sign OMG Tendai bomun Academy and the intendant chuan shear down to desire 0/1189 fall Fujiwara no yasuhira right general source asked me 朝公奥 in the for to part time Lords do geba cherished at the firm and after and oshu Heiji after our d Kamakura Tsuruoka wakamiya hachimangu shrine place dedicated to saying edge ( wakamiya and Emperor nintoku after Ōjin renewed shrine and saying desire ) and which show relative to Edo castle with DW and revived our civilization annual OTA way perfusion Edo Castle peace for our the shrine until the civilization was, and 美rei and jinryo, etc. that
Is at kamigaki South of the chalkboard wall Black Gate and monnai walked dozens komainu pair (meiwa 8 year rabbit year August dedication and is) right on rain-fed boiler and is gramuf Gables concrete span longitudinal MIMA kohai facing South and wakamiya hachimangu shrine carve Tiger Hawk elephant head to pine next to amount of sources plus Hotel: international and is at Yangzhou shitomi naiden coffered ceiling, combination every mirror Crystal case flower to draw natural as deep copper steel Township auction do lead to Bank, Head Office headquarters dozo-zukuri and
On the main Southeast Kagura-den and Kagura-den 勾欄 lateral between the two tiles between capasity Reed half-with three letters, bian and woodcutter stone, written and read as though background ink and Dragon and signature Hamaguchi goryou Chapel and is precincts Ginkgo Rogi and
0/1869 the prohibition of God Buddha mixture and Intendant Guangming Mt. bomun Hospital (equivalent to the Mountain State of man mountain) decoding graced by a Shinto priest Festival is 9/15 small Festival 1/15 Festival in 5/15 line swell Office is in the East of the headquarters. currently parishioners wakamiya-Kagura Sakamoto 1-2-3-4 months town and

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auto-translate 神乐萨若宫八幡神社运气好书
若宫八幡神社是若宫镇若宫边坡和是若宫巷也不边缘) 标志 OMG 腾达普门学院和管理员川剪到欲望 0/1189年落藤原的无权泰衡一般源问我朝公奥在迦巴珍视在公司做为部分时间领主和后 oshu 平后我们 d 镰仓鹤若宫八幡神社地方致力于说边缘若宫和皇帝仁德后 Ōjin 新的靖国神社和说的欲望),这表明相对于江户城堡与 DW 和复兴我们文明年度 OTA 方式灌注江户城堡和平我们神社直到文明,和美rei 和 jinryo 等,
是在南边的黑板墙上黑门上垣和莫奈走了数十个 komainu 双 (明 8 年和兔子年八月奉献和是) 雨水灌溉锅炉并且是山墙混凝土大跨度纵向姑妈,其他的后辈朝南的 gramuf 和若宫八幡神社刻虎鹰大象头松到金额来源加酒店的下一步: 国际位于扬州 shitomi 奈登天花吊顶,结合每个镜子水晶壳花画自然作为深部铜矿钢乡镇拍卖做导致银行总行总部和笨蛋神社建筑史和
主要的东南亚神乐登上神乐 den 勾欄两者之间的横向平铺之间能力芦苇一半 — — 用三个字母,边和樵夫石头、 写和读仿佛背景油墨以及龙和签名滨口 goryou 教堂和是选区银杏 Rogi 和
0/1869 装点得熠熠生辉,禁止神佛混合物和管理员光明山普门医院 (相当于人山山地国家) 解码一个神道教士
春节是 9/15 小节 1/15 节在 5/15 线膨胀办公室在总部的东目前教区居民若宫神乐坂本 1-2-3-4 个月城镇和

 御祭神 仁徳天皇 応神天皇
若宮八幡宮は若宮坂の上若宮町にあり(或は若宮小路ともいへり)別当は天台宗普門院と号す 傳ふに文治五年の秋右大将源頼朝公奥州の藤原泰衡を征伐せんが為に発向す其の時当所にて下馬宿願あり後奥州平治の後当社を営鎌倉鶴岡の若宮八幡宮を移し奉ると云へり(若宮は仁徳天皇なり後に応神天皇に改め祭ると云ふ)文明年間太田道灌江戸城鎮護の為当社を再興し社殿を江戸城に相対せしむるなり当社は文明の頃迄は大社にして神領等あり美れいなりしという


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