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auto-translate Tomb of Magome House

Kita AKABANE West 6-15-21
To zentoku Temple graveyard in Edo of era, large us tenma Auditors ( godenn mayaku ) Magome House served as the village headman's grave is. The tenma's small and large joint stand tenma's Auditors called Edo tenma Auditors and labour services at (tweet) is called. Magome House city hit this operation from generation to generation.
Also, surname and Tatewaki allowed name schedule located in similar positions in other towns, as well as, General 御目見e were allowed on new year's as the largest city. Magome House from tōtōmi paving t. Group (fuchigunn) Magome village (Hamamatsu City) and rap, real name plain was called intuition solutions, (kageyu) and 8, head and.
Say given from Ieyasu was pleased that greeted the disgrace of Magome is 0/1615 (1615) may, after the Osaka Castle, Hamamatsu-Juku Magome bridge until Tokugawa Ieyasu when we brought the laborers of 500. At first, the family Temple zentoku Temple temple was on the increase, but then the disciple of zojo-ji Temple founder St. s. effortless glory Satoshi Hayashi founded and became.

Cemetery, zentoku Temple received fire several times, Japan Nihonbashi-bakurocho zentoku Temple order were transferred as was moved to the town, Asakusa Matsuba-Cho, but suffered from the severe by the great Kanto earthquake, 0/1927 (1927) in April moved to AKABANE moved to the present location.
3/1996 Tokyo, Kita-ku, Education Committee

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auto-translate 马込房子之墓

北羽西 21/6/15

全德庙墓地在江户时代,大到我们 godenn mayaku) 马込房子担任村长的坟墓是天马审计。
天马的小型和大型联合站天马的审计员被称为的江户天马审计员和劳务 (微博) 在被称为。马込房子市打此操作一代又一代。此外,姓和 Tatewaki 允许名称计划位于类似的职位的其他城镇,以及一般的御目見e 被允许在新的一年作为最大的城市。
马込房子从 tōtōmi 摊铺 (fuchigunn) 马込村庄 (滨松市) 和说唱乐,平原的真实姓名被称为直觉解决方案,(鹿教汤) 和 8 头和。说鉴于从德川家康是高兴,迎接马込的耻辱是 0/1615年 (1615) 五月在大阪城堡后, 滨松补习马込桥直到德川家康当我们带来 500 的劳动者。
起初,家庭的全德寺寺在增加,但 zojo 吉寺创始人圣美国不费吹灰之力荣耀聪林的弟子是成立,然后成为了。公墓,全德寺接到了火几次,日本桥-马喰町全德寺庙秩序被转移被搬到这个镇子,浅草松町,但遭受了严重的关东大地震,0/1927年 (1927) 今年 4 月搬到赤羽搬到现在的位置。




 善徳寺 の墓域内には、 江戸時代大伝馬町 の御 伝馬役 (ごでんまやく)名主として活躍した 馬込家 の墓があります。
 最初、菩提寺は 増上寺 でしたが、その後、増上寺開山聖聡の弟子の楽誉聡林が開基した善徳寺の檀家となりました。墓地は、善徳寺が数度の火災を受けて、日本橋馬喰町・浅草松葉町へと移転したのに伴って移されましたが、関東大震災によって罹災したため、昭和二年(1927)四月に赤羽へ移転した善徳寺とともに現在地へと移りました。



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