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Historic Site: Hamagaa Ugan Ruins -Chatan Town Designated Cultural Asset No.1-
The Hamagaa Ugan is a place of worship made at the foot of a limestone rock. It is called Shimamori Yoriage no Taki (holy name: Ishi no Oibe) in the Ryukyu-koku Yuraiki, 1713 (Historical records of the Kingdom of the Ryukyus). A tomb of a feudal lord is located to its east. The worship area and a large Akou tree (Ficus superba Miq. var. Japonica Miq) are found to the south. In the worship area, there is a small house-shaped limestone shrine with a Yosemune-style hip roof and three incense burners. The Shimakusarasaa, a ritual held in lunar February to prevent evil from entering the community, and the Kami-Ushiimii, a ritual to pray to gods held in lunar March, were held here before the war. The Twun no Kami and Ryuuguu Shin deities are also enshrined in the south side of the premises.
A shell mound dating from the 8th to 10th centuries is found north of the Hamagaa Ugan. It is believed that refuse was discarded from the top of the hill, presenting the possibility that a worship area might have existed on the top. Excavation of this site is considered required. A similar ruin known as Agigitara shell mound is found in Izena Village.

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auto-translate 历史遗址: Hamagaa 渭干河遗址选定文化资产 1 号--长崎镇Hamagaa 渭干河是脚下的石灰石岩石作礼拜的地方。它被称为 Shimamori Yoriage 没有塔基 (圣名: 伊没有大炊部) 在琉球 koku Yuraiki,1713 (琉球王国的历史记录)。封建主的坟墓位于其东。向南发现崇拜地区和一个大的 Akou 树 (榕荷研究.变种粳稻研究)。在崇拜地区,那里是 Yosemune 风格的臀部,有屋顶三个香炉小房子形石灰岩圣地。Shimakusarasaa,一种仪式举行农历的二月,防止邪恶进入社区,和卡米-Ushiimii,一种仪式,向在农历三月举行的神祈祷战争之前在这里举行了。Twun 没有 Kami 和 Ryuuguu Shin 的神性亦载有有关处所的南侧。从第 8 到 10 世纪约会壳丘发现 Hamagaa 渭干河以北。据说从山顶,呈现崇拜地区可能已存在了顶部的可能性被丢弃的垃圾。这个遗址发掘被认为是所需。一个类似的废墟,称为 Agigitara 壳丘是在 Izena 村发现的。

史跡 浜川ウガン遺跡 〜北谷町文化財指定 第一号〜
 浜川ウガンは『琉球国由来記』(1713年)の「島森ヨリアゲノ嶽・神名イシノ御イベ」と称される石灰岩塊の拝所である。東面には按司墓があり、南面下に浜川ウガンの拝所とアコウ の大木がある。拝所は石灰岩で寄棟造の家型祠があり、3つの香炉が安置されている。戦前まで旧暦2月にシマクサラサー、3月にはカミウシーミーがおこなわれた。当地の南側には「殿之神」、「竜宮神」も建立されている。
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