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auto-translate Former Motohara Kirishita Site Location Minato-ku Mita 3-chome 7th designation February 1935 Showa Mar. 3 Tokugawa Shogun Ikemitsu executed Edo Kirishitan Edo on 13 December in Motowa 9 (1623) Is known by Maki Tokugawa. Those who were executed were Elonimo, Fr. Deangels, Simon, Jen, Fr. Galwes, Fifty-surgeon Waters, and the hills at the entrance of Tokaido, which leads to Kyoto, were chosen. , And others are thought to be probably the middle of the west hill where the original Chifuku-ji temple was located. As a side test, this land was formerly used for execution for a long time in Chiku-ji Temple Kaizan Ikujo&39;s Biography, but it can be mentioned that it was thought that sinners would come to mind when building a temple there . In addition, Christians were executed at the same place on December 3rd, 1638 (Kan). March 1, 1944 Construction Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

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auto-translate 原Motohara Kirishita Site位置Minato-ku Mita 3-chome 7th指定1935年2月Showa Mar. 3 Tokugawa Shogun Ikemitsu于12月13日在Motowa 9(1623)执行Edo Kirishitan Edo由Maki Tokugawa知道。那些被处决的人是Elonimo,Dean.Dengels,Simon,Jen,Fr。Galwes,五十外科医生沃特斯,以及通往京都的东海道入口处的山丘被选中。 ,其他人被认为可能是原始的Chifuku-ji寺所在的西山的中间。作为一个侧面测试,这片土地以前用于在Chiku-ji Temple Kaizan Ikujo的传记中执行很长时间,但可以提到的是,人们认为在那里修建一座寺庙时会想到罪人。此外,基督徒于1638年12月3日(Kan)在同一地点被处决。 1944年3月1日建设东京都教育委员会

都旧跡 元和キリシタン遺跡
所在 港区三田三丁目七番
指定 昭和三十四年二月ニ十一日
昭和四十三年三月一日 建設
# 東京都教育委員会


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