auto-translate 青蛙石 (かわずいし)



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auto-translate Frog stone (かわずいし) From now on 400 years earlier Hojo Inari Shrine erected here imposed is since the frog stone Inari Dou 1 frog Stone Shrine and venerated by name pilgrimage of Odawara with a long history in. What led to the name of the frog stone obsession recited more resembling a frog on the scaffold would be.
Under what was the Odawara castle garden on Hojo Inari Shrine during both from the castle was transferred here and told the 0/1902 tsunami and earthquake in 0/1923 also extends to a depth of 1-just because there were no changes in a few 掘り出そう to attempt to reach the bottom as does basement rock exposed tip is not what. Sentence of city road traffic "frog croaks becomes Odawara-' Hojo era when Odawara Castle every night crowed flourished, reportedly issued always call when the phrase is incident to Odawara frog stone and is in the famous legend.

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auto-translate 青蛙石 (かわずいし)
400 年从现在开始较早的北条 Inari 神社竖立在这里施加是以来青蛙石 Inari 斗 1 青蛙石祠和推崇在历史悠久的小田原名称朝圣之旅。是什么导致的青蛙石痴迷名称背诵了更多类似于脚手架上的一只青蛙会。下什么小田原城堡的花园里对北条 Inari 神社期间两个从城堡是这里转移的告诉 0/1902 年的海啸和地震 0/1923 年还延伸到深度为 1,就是因为有没有变化在几个掘り出そう,试图到达底部,基底岩石暴露提示什么还不是一样。
城市道路交通的一句"青蛙呱呱叫成为小田原-' 北条时代当小田原城每夜啼叫蓬勃开展,据报道总是发出呼叫时这句话是入射到小田原蛙石和著名的传奇。



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