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auto-translate "Japan 100 meijo" Japan history parks top 100 Matsusaka castle ruins Built upon independent Hill Castle was built in the 0/1588 ( 1588 ), located in central part of ISE plain about 38 m above sea level, northeast to the Himeji Castle (back to) major (to the front) and South-East.
Castle honmaru, ninomaru, etc. in addition to from the Near East, but the central portion of the honmaru and ninomaru high stone wall remains, has become a national historic site.
Tower near the center part is often left rebreath stone combines natural stone seems to when.
Castle is after the gamō ujisato, Hattori of Tadashi, Furuta shigekatsu, heavy jig or change, then the feudal Lord of Kishu Tokugawa family, has arrived at the Meiji era.
Were destroyed by Typhoon 0/1644 (1644) was once three-layer Castle Tower and will remain on the record.

Cycleways remnant River becoming the Meiji era to the sannomaru area from 15 m in width 31 m, total length of 2 Km of water trenches, but buried, flowing through the city.
Photo above ) Matsunaga Castle panorama
Photo 1 ) joins suzuya ( special historic site Motoori Norinaga's old House )
Old house I lived until his death from a 12-year-old length of on site 'joins suzuya' has moved.
Photo 2 ) designated Castle Banya bedding Moved to Matsusaka Castle guard for old from Kishu-Han in the late Edo period Samurai.
These underlings ya very rare nationwide, in West building at the northern end of hotels Unveils Interior.
Photo 3 ) Motoori Norinaga Memorial Hall
Autograph manuscript of 'Kojiki' and famous Japanese scholar Motoori Norinaga and self-love are housed approximately 16,000 points.
Photo 4 ) registered tangible cultural properties of Japan history and Folklore Museum
Renovated library was built in 0/1911, Matsusaka merchant Matsusaka Momen and ISE white powder materials exhibition.

Right figure ) Matsusaka castle ruins near the schematic Matsusaka City Board of education

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auto-translate "日本 100 名城"在日本的历史公园顶 100 松阪城堡废墟
建立在独立基础上小山城堡始建于 0/1588年 1588年),位于中部的伊势平原东北向姬路城堡 (回) 海平面以上约 38 米的重大 (前面) 和东南亚地区。城堡城主、 史迹等除了从近东,但城主和史迹高的石头墙,遗体的中央部分已经成为国家历史遗址。
铁塔附近的中心部分经常离开 rebreath 石结合天然石材似乎到何时。
城堡是后 gamō 氏乡,宙服部,Furuta 成胜、 重跳汰机或变化,然后封建主的纪州德川家庭,已经抵达的明治时代。
被摧毁的台风,0/1644年 (1644 年) 曾经是三层城堡塔和将保留在记录上。
单车径残河成为明治时代的 sannomaru 地区从 15 米的宽 31 米,总长度为 2 公里的水沟,但埋,流经市区。

以上) Matsunaga 城堡全景照片
照片 1) 联接铃谷特殊历史遗址本居宣长的老房子 ()
我住过,直到他从 12 岁长度的站点上的死亡 '加入铃谷' 的老房子已移动。
照片 2) 指定城堡班雅床上用品
图片 (三) 本居宣长纪念馆
'女体' 和著名的日本学者本居宣长的亲笔手稿和自爱是安置大约 16,000 点。
照片 4) 注册有形文化属性的日本历史和民俗博物馆
装修好的图书馆建在 0/1911年,松阪商人和松阪的木棉和伊势白色粉末材料展览。
右图) 松阪城堡废墟附近示意图


 中心部分の天守付近は、築城時と思われる自然石を組み合わせた野面積み の石垣がよく残っています。
 城主は蒲生氏郷 の後、服部一忠古田重勝・重治とかわりますが、その後、紀州徳川家の城代が置かれ、明治にいたっています。

写真1)鈴屋(特別史跡 本居宣長 旧宅)
写真2)重要文化財 御城番屋敷
写真4)登録有形文化財 歴史民俗資料館



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