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auto-translate Nagano treasure on Ueda third Tower (South Tower and North Tower and West Tower)
Type of building
Location, Ueda city full
Date of designation 11/9/1959. Ueda is heijo-Kyo 0/1583 (1583) began construction by Sanada Masayuki. Is not much bigger castle itself, South cliff faces in the chikuma river flow nun-yeon (amagafuchi), Castle and river Teleca to three other the surrounding area that have a strong defensive positions.
In characteristics of this shop is performed satisfactorily during the battle and he two times 0/1585 (1585) and 0/1600 (1600), resounded in the world is the name of the Sanada Clan and Ueda.
However, the Sanada Clan's Ueda Castle after the battle of Sekigahara, and ominous to Ueda castle on the existing corner tower (sumiyagura) and stone, 0/1626-five years (1626-28) to Sengoku Tadamasa was back in the new built in. Pregnancy and Tadamasa died on Ueda rebuild by Mr. Sengoku is completed, moats and stone walls construction (calls Lese-majeste) (civil engineering), but gates and watchtowers to build construction (abcddisplaying) (construction) over unfinished only Honmaru. Castles built in the honmaru, 7 2 tier yashina 2 building with a corner tower was built that is confirmed by records such as maps and excavations.
Ueda is succeeded by Matsudaira Sengoku said after the Meiji Restoration. Is located in honmaru west gable (koguchi) (castle entrance) out of the existing three-corner watchtowers, one building (West Tower) in kanei period building from the very beginning of what honmaru East gable of the building (South Tower and North Tower), was sold to the private sector in the early Meiji era, which was relocated to the city buy-back by public donations, 0/1943-24, restored to its current location in.
Of these three buildings are specified in Nagano, treasure 0/1959 valuable Castle buildings in the early Edo period. 3 tower structure in common, 2-tier upstairs, longitudinal (ketayuki) between the 5 in the Quad span (Harima) wife with format. Roof (irimoya) stone in the thatched hongawara, outside surroundings is a white stucco coated basket wall (rather than plaster fills rice o wall), waist weatherboard clad (strainer and envy because), Interior is whitewashed Makabe (shinnkabe).
Have a wooden door pushing up window is plastered white lattice Windows. The honmaru East gable yashina and wing walls are ordered in the restored 0/1994, based on results of excavations and traces of stone walls, old photo was taken 10 years.
Honmaru East gable appointed at the same time yashina Dobashi, Dobashi's Warrior tateishi cardboard on both sides (just munching ishidan) and masonry is referred to as a formality as the Castle Grand modus operandi indicate. 3/1999 Ueda City Board of education.

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auto-translate 长野县宝田三塔 (南塔、 北塔和西部塔)
指定日期 1959/11/9。
上田是平城京 0/1583年 (1583) 开始建设的真田昌之。 是没有太多大的城堡本身,南悬崖竹马河流量尼姑金素妍 (amagafuchi)、 城堡和河 Teleca 到其他三个周边地区具有强大的防御阵地。 在这家商店的特点表现令人满意的战斗和他两次 0/1585年期间 (1585) 和 0/1600年 (1600),回荡在世界是的名称田信氏族和上田。
然而,田信氏族田城堡关原,战斗结束后而且不祥田城堡上现有角塔 (sumiyagura) 和石、 0/1626年-五年 (1626年-28) 向仙谷由人忠正回来了新建造。
妊娠和忠正由先生仙谷由人死在田重建完成,护城河和石墙施工 (调用欺) (土木工程),但盖茨和瞭望塔上未完成的唯一城主建置建设 (abcddisplaying) (施工)。 城堡建于城主,7 2 层 yashina 2 角塔建成,证实了地图和挖掘的记录。 上田继任者 Matsudaira 仙谷由人说,在明治维新之后。
从现有的三个角了望塔,一栋大楼 (西塔) 兼井期间建设从一开始的建设 (南楼和北楼) 什么城主东山墙位于城主山墙 (户口) (城堡入口),在早期的明治时代,由公众捐赠,0/1943年-24,还原到其当前的位置在搬到了城市买回被卖给私营部门。 这些三座建筑物在长野,宝 0/1959年有价值的城堡建筑在江户初期指定。
3 塔共同之处,结构 2 层楼上,纵向 (ketayuki) 之间在与格式四跨度 (播磨) 妻子 5。 屋顶 (irimoya) 石头在茅草 hongawara,外部环境是白色灰泥涂的篮墙 (而不是石膏填充水稻 o 墙),腰檐板包 (过滤器和嫉妒因为),粉刷室内摩贺部 (shinnkabe)。 有木制门推窗口贴满了白色的格子窗。
城主东山墙 yashina 和翼墙被下令恢复 0/1994 年,基于结果的挖掘和痕迹的石墙,老照片是 10 年。 在同一时间 yashina 土桥,土桥的战士碣石纸板在双方 (只咀嚼磴) 和砌体任命的城主东山墙称为作为城堡盛大的作案手法是一种形式表示。

長野県宝 上田城三櫓(南櫓・北櫓・西櫓)
種別 建造物
所在地 上田市二の丸
指定年月日 昭和34年11月9日
 上田城は、真田昌幸 によって天正11年(1583)から築城が開始された平城である。城郭自体の規模はさほど大きくはないが、南方は千曲川の分流である尼ケ淵(あまがふち)に面した断崖に臨み、他の三方は城下町と河川を巧みに配して、周囲一帯を極めて堅固な防御陣地としている。この上田城の特性は、天正13年(1585)と慶長5年(1600)の2回にわたる徳川氏との合戦の際に遺憾なく発揮され、真田氏と上田城の名は天下に鳴り響いたのである。
 しかし、真田氏の上田城 は、関ヶ原の合戦後に徹底的に破却され、現存する上田城の隅櫓(すみやぐら)や石垣は、寛永3~5年(1626~28)にかけて仙石忠政 によって新たに築き直されたものである。
平成11年3月 上田市教育委員会


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