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Kirishima-Kinko Bay National Park
Mt. Sakurajima is strato-voicano type with a circumference of 52km area 80km2 and is formed of three peaks; Kitadake (North peak) 1,117m Nakadake (Middle peak) 1,060m and Minamidake (South peak) 1,040m above sea level. With Mt. Aso, Mt. Asama and Mt. Mihara, it is numbered among the four biggest volcanoes and is said to be the largest in Japan in its volcanic energy.
Since the down of history, it has continued its repeated eruptions and those in Bunmei Era (1476), Anei Era (1779), Taisho Era (1914), and Showa Era (1946) were violent enough to let the whole world feel as if the heaven and the earth would be rent. Above all the eruption in Taisho Era (1914) is well known throughout the world and it is reported that the volcanic ashes rose so high up into the sky 8,000m and fell as Kamchakka peninsula. In this drastic eruption the result was that torrents of lava gushed out of the eastern and the western sides of Mt. Sakurajima as well as its craters, making a boiling lavafield of 18km2 around it and the quantity of lava amounted to some 3,000 million tons. The stream of lava from the eastern side spread to a width of 400m, consequently filling up channel Seto 72m deep and at last connecting the land with the Osumi peninsula in one continuous stretch of land to make a key traffic route to Osumi district and to Miyazaki prefecture.
The lava field you see below is only one third of the amount gushed out in the eruption and under it were buried three villages, Yokoyama, Koike, and Akamizu, 1,071 house total including public facilities such as elementary school, village office, post office and others. In Sakurajima Island, Sakurajima Daikon (the biggest radish in the world) and many kinds of fruits; Sakurajima tangerine, Japanese medlar peach, large tangerine and others are produced. The chain of the mountain you command far be fore you see dimly at the farthest extremity of the peninsula is peak Kaimon or Mt. Fuji of Satsuma district. And the two peaks you see in the right direction are peak Takachiho-no-mine, known by the mythology of the descent to the earth of the descendants of the Sun-Goddess and peak Karakuni-dake.

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auto-translate 雾岛金考湾国家公园山樱岛是圆周长为 52 公里地区 80 公里 2 群里火山类型和形成的三个高峰 ;Kitadake (北高峰) 1,117 m Nakadake (中间峰值) 1,060 m 和 Minamidake (南峰值) 海拔 1,040 米。山麻生太郎、 浅间山和山三原,它的编号之间的四个最大的火山和据说是在日本是最大的它的火山能量。以来的历史记录下来,它继续其不断的喷发和那些在文部时代 (1476)、 Anei 时代 (1779)、 大正时代 (1914 年),和昭和时代 (1946 年) 被足够猛烈让整个世界都觉得好像会租天堂和地球。高于一切在大正时期 (1914 年) 爆发是众所周知的整个世界,而且据说火山灰烬如此高的升入天空 8000 米和下降了 Kamchakka 半岛。在这剧烈的喷发结果是熔岩的奔流涌出东部和西部的山樱岛,以及其坑,使得 18 公里 2 左右它沸腾 lavafield 两侧和熔岩的数量共计约 30 亿吨。东部边熔岩流蔓延到宽度为 400 米,因此填满通道濑户 72 米深,最后连接陆地与大隅半岛的一个连续的伸展的土地,以向大隅区和宫崎县主要交通路线。你看下面的熔岩字段是量的只有三分之一涌出来的火山喷发和在它之下被埋三个村庄、 横山、 小池荣子,Akamizu,1,071 房子总包括小学、 村办公楼、 邮局等公共设施。樱岛岛、 樱岛萝卜 (世界上最大的萝卜) 和很多各种各样的水果 ;樱岛橘,日本枸杞桃、 大橘和其他的生产。你命令远的山链被宠幸您看昏暗的尽头,最远的半岛是高峰海门还是富士山的温州蜜柑区。你在正确的方向看到的两个峰的峰高千穗无矿,众所周知,地球上的太阳女神和峰值韩国岳的后代由下降的神话。

霧島錦江湾国立公園 湯之平展望所 標高373m
桜島阿蘇山浅間山三原山 とならんで日本の代表的活火山 の一つで、周囲が52km、面積が80km2あります。山は北岳(海峡1,117m)・中岳(1,060m)・南岳(1,040m)からなり、うち南岳は今も噴煙をあげ、その爆発音に驚かされることがあります。その火山 活動のエネルギーでは日本で最大であろうといわれ、その為南岳の火口より2km以内は立ち入り禁止となっています。


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