auto-translate 靶道测试管 (巨大速度测量)



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auto-translate Target road test tube (huge speed measurement)
Hill located in Kaga city parks are ruins in the Kaga han Maeda family's Edo residence in Garden rockery.
Concrete structures were built on the hillside of this artificial Hill is the trail stretches from the Noguchi Institute currently adjacent ballistic test tube (huge speed measurement) of a target. Itabashi gunpowder mill at this location before the war, including the Noguchi Institute (0/1940, Tokyo army ordnance Depot = (d) manufacturing) was put in the explosives laboratory and ammunition performance tests, such as was done. Now Noguchi Institute campus, was used during the explosives laboratory reagents for gunpowder storehouse and explosion-proof walls and other structures remain.
A single one of its length is 10 m, 686 mm of concrete ballistic test tube part.
Among engineers is known as tunnel launch pad, powder (propellant] of measurement, observation and the speed of the bullet, change the type and amount of equipment in the before World War II (d) reveals was the from the drawings of the building premises, toward the target of this artificial Hill hit a bullet. Noguchi Institute founded shitagau Noguchi, founder of Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd. after World War II, moved to this place, but now still on the premises, before World War II observation unit and target still exist. Has become a valuable article can often look like this example on a nationwide scale, look for part of the activities of military factories.

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auto-translate 靶道测试管 (巨大速度测量)
混凝土建筑这座人造山的山坡上是路线延伸从野口研究所目前相邻弹道测试管 (巨大速度测量) 的目标。
在此位置之前的战争,包括野口研究所板桥火药轧机 (0/1940 年,东京陆军军械仓库 = (d) 制造) 被放在爆炸物实验室和弹药性能测试中,如做。 现在野口学院校园,用于在炸药实验室试剂火药库和防爆墙和其他结构保持。 一个它的长度是 10 米,686 毫米的混凝土弹道测试管部分。
在工程师之间被称为隧道发射台,粉 (推进剂] 的测量、 观察和子弹,速度更改的类型和数量的设备在二战 (d) 揭示了之前从建筑物中的图纸,这假山目标击中一颗子弹。
野口研究所成立 shitagau 野口,创始人旭旭化成株式会社后第二次世界大战,搬到这个地方,但现在仍在前提下前第二次世界大战世界观察, 单位和目标仍然存在。 已成为一个有价值的文章可以经常看像这样的例子在全国范围内,为军事工厂活动的一部分。

 区立加賀公園にある小高い山は、加賀藩前田家 の江戸下屋敷内の庭園にあった築山の跡です。
 戦後、旭化成などの創業者である野口遵 が設立した野口研究所が当地に移転してきましたが、いまなお構内には、戦前に使用していた観測装置や標的などが現存しています。このような例は全国的に見ても珍しく、軍工場 時代の活動の一端を窺うことができる貴重な資料となっています。 


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