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auto-translate Upstream water distribution Weir Memorial
Takinogawa 6 - 9 - 一所 in In front of the "1000 river water distribution Weir (simple or with Japan Sept bunnpa t)" this monument to Aru 0/1882 (1882) was established in July. Inscribed with date of establishment in large water supply reservoir area, Higuchi (Higuchi) and users, on the left side on the right side, on the back as a 3/1909 engraved surface Higuchi's size and user, the Weir width length, senkawa water park in the reservoir was high.
That was established by this users ' water consumption. 1000 river water is a waterway in 0/1696 (1696) was estimated from the Tamagawa-josui left (South) side of the road now and culvert is gone. Dam is located in this area, and from there in the direction of West nest duck crossing were put through the watershed.
This watershed, November 0/1865 (1865), asukayama West (takino River near the 2-6) is a thing of the Edo shogunate was Cannon Mills construction as excavation (kaisaku) was. When becoming the Meiji era is irrigation Rainwater of the 23 villages of the current Kita-ku, Arakawa Ward, Taito Ward, near the Prince's mill and papermaking companies along the shakujii River watershed (Shoushi persons) and Bureau of Ministry of Finance Bill dorm paper (ookurashou argued ryousho cow song) of was used as water for industrial use. In addition, 1000 Kawakami mizumoto flow was resumed to Tokyo city water supply, used in various fields.
Therefore, 1000 river water users water rights to clarify each other intakes comply with (same yunshu) established monument here.
3/1994 Tokyo, Kita-ku, Board of education

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auto-translate 上游水分布堰纪念馆
泷 6-9-一所中
在"1000年河流水分布堰 (简单或日本 9 月 bunnpa t)"这座纪念碑阿鲁 0/1882年 (1882 年) 成立于 7 月。 刻有日期在大型供水水库库区、 樋口 (樋口) 和用户,在左边右边,背面为 3/1909年刻表面樋口的大小和用户、 堰宽度长度,建立储层千川水公园是高。 成立的由这位用户的用水量。
1000 河水是水道,0/1696 年 (1696) 据估计从玉川如水 (南) 左边涵洞的道路现在是走了。 水库大坝坐落在这一领域,并从那里方向西巢鸭穿越接通分水岭。 这一分水岭,11 月 0/1865年 (1865 年),asukayama 西 (武田河附近 2-6) 是江户幕府的一件事是加农炮厂建设正如开挖 (kaisaku)。
当成为明治时代是当前的北谷 23 村庄雨水灌溉时,荒川病房,病房里都台东区,附近沿石神井河流域 (瘦石人) 和金融法案部局宿舍王子的轧机和造纸公司纸 (ookurashou 认为 ryousho 牛歌) 的被用作工业用水。 此外,1000年川水元流被恢复到东京城市供水,应用于各个领域。 因此,1000年河流水用户水权弄清对方遵守 (同一云舒) 的摄入量建立纪念碑在这里。
3/1994 年

 千川上水は、元禄九年(一六九六)に玉川上水 から分水された上水で左(南)側の道路が今は暗渠(あんきょ)となってしまった水路です。堰はこの付近にあり、そこから西巣鴨交差点の方向に分水路が通されていました。この分水路は、慶応元年(一八六五)十一月、飛鳥山の西側(滝野川二-六付近)にあった江戸幕府の大砲製造所の建設に伴い、開鑿(かいさく)されたものです。


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