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auto-translate The monument Founder Rong West's 2 times over late Heian period, into song.
Ischemic Hermitage Huai Gochang Zen master huanglong weather South Temple 8 of law grandson than huanglong Rinzai sect's, bearings are.
Zen master after returning home, received a devotee of Minamoto no Yoriie 0/1202 (1202) was established the first Zen Temple in Kyoto kenninji Temple. Zen master dogen's 71-year-old coffee curing Ki 撰shi, besides the volume effect of Mulberry recounts of tea, 2. The disease phase 5 and. One drinking water disease, two to paralysis, third on dung, 4 acne disease beriberi, v.
And obtained a long disease-free is ruling these various disease potion "Mulberry", and this 服sureba. In ruling the various disease Buddhist order resulting from say is essential to life, but the mulberry trees potion, of Buddhas and bodhisattvas.
In appreciation to the monument of Mulberry as founder Eiichi West's Hou, accordingly and then erected a sanzon stone: to.
Kyoto Mulberry Association

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auto-translate 这座纪念碑
在平安后期,2 次创始人蓉西,唱起歌。 缺血性冬宫怀化高敞禅师黄龙天气南寺 8 的法律孙子比黄龙临济宗教派,轴承。
禅宗大师后返回家里,收到一个奉献者的源没有赖家 0/1202年 (1202) 是建立京都建仁寺寺最早的禅宗寺院。
禅宗大师 dogen 71 岁咖啡固化 Ki 撰shi,除了体积效应的桑树叙述的茶,2。 疾病阶段 5 和。 一个饮用水疾病,瘫痪,第三是关于粪、 4 痤疮病脚气病、 v 两个。 获得长期疾病无执政这些各种疾病药水"桑"与此服sureba。
在裁决中产生的各种疾病佛教次序说是至关重要的生活,但桑树木药水的佛、 菩萨。 在桑树纪念碑作为创始人荣一西侯,因此赞赏,然后竖立一块 sanzon 石头: 对。

 開山栄西禅師 は平安時代末期、二度にわたって入宋。黄龍彗南禅寺八世の法孫である虚庵懐敞 禅師より臨済宗黄龍派 の法系を嗣承されます。
 帰国後、建仁二年(1202源頼家 の帰依を受けた禅師は京都最初の禅寺『建仁寺』を創建しました。


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