auto-translate 珍宝塘桑巴寺池塘与井之头池塘,禅福寺池塘一起,是从武藏野台地下涌...



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auto-translate Treasure pond Samba Temple Pond, together with Inokashira Pond and Zenfukuji Temple Pond, is a pond created by pouring ground water from Musashinoidai ground. The area is approximately 24,000 square meters, and the water depth is about 2 meters on average. It has been said from long ago that the amount of water is large, even in summer or in winter, although it was said that it did not easily happen, spring water has decreased year by year and we are pumping up the present groundwater and replenishing it. In the Edo period, Benten was enshrined in the small island of the pond and farmers in the basin of over 40 villages who benefited from Shakujii River with this pond as the main source of water made a "lecture" and respected it It was. Also, as it was an ancient tobacco plantation, plants grow abundantly and are paradise of birds, many of which are native autogenous plants, and many are designated as "national natural treasure" as "Mika Terike Numazawa plant community" in 1935 It was subject to preservation, such as Mitsugashiwa, Shikiji Tanukimo and so on. March, 2000 Nerima Ward Board of Education

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auto-translate 珍宝塘桑巴寺池塘与井之头池塘,禅福寺池塘一起,是从武藏野台地下涌出的地下水池塘。面积约24000平方米,水深平均约2米。很久以前就有人说,即使在夏天或冬天,虽然据说不容易发生,但泉水逐年减少,我们正在抽取现在的地下水重新加注,水量很大。在江户时代,Ben ens被安置在池塘的小岛上,40多个村庄的盆地里的农民从石井河中受益,以这个池塘为主要水源做了“演讲”,并尊重它是的。另外,由于是古老的烟草种植园,植物繁茂,是鸟类的天堂,其中许多是本地的自我再生植物,许多在1935年被指定为“Mika Terike Numazawa植物群落”,被指定为国家自然宝藏这是受到保存,如Mitsugashiwa,Shakujiji和Tanukimo。 2000年3月,Nerima区教育委员会


 また、古来禁猟区であったため草木がよく繁茂し、鳥類の楽園であり、特に自生の水草類が多く昭和十年(1935)に「三宝寺池沼沢植物群落」として、国の天然記念物 に指定され、ミツガシワ・シャクジイタヌキモなどが保存の対象となりました。


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