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auto-translate Castle County designated tangible cultural monuments
Temple of fudarakusanji-ji Temple

Specify 8/29/1969
Reportedly opened Akasaka Ozawa Tanaka, fudarakusanji Temple, according to the temple made potalaka Temple of the Tendai sect, the 0/890 (890). 0/1123 (1123), the Natori grannies (Asahi Raine), Natori-gun to Kumano rusty potalaka Temple temple of 30 established and co gongen, built 33 Kannon pilgrimage to oshu. In the Kasai retainers was abolished after the hosoura hostess Kumagai straight from Duke of 0/1500 (1501), the shohoji Temple Phra RAM 9 imaginary Windows good hosoura founded the Soto sect fudarakusanji Temple, Tomoe's.
Being the founder Chung-Hsing and 0/1538 (1538), treasure mirror Temple 6 world around Hermitage sentence hard Osho moved to its present location.
Hex Hall, 8 beam with Satoshi plaster Osho 0/1761 (1761), Temple 65 Memorial Numata, Nitto Liao Tian disciple by Osho next in the completed year 12 (1762). Costs such as Japanese Yen Temple octagonal hall that usually support the hotels in nationally rare hexagonal plaiting and assemble roof construction technique. 2.69 m, 8.26 meters in height is the length of one side, inside and outside the Hall is painted in red. Is 6 pyramid body, red tile roof (original shake). Ceiling paint Ryu SUMI-e.
KaiRo put the shake on the altar of visiting structures with Gables, Gable hotel, House zushi, reportedly attributed to mind Megumi yokawa Ruyi wheel Kannon statue enshrined. Sendai Rui Feng Temple 14 World Namsan old beams zenji brush tablet "perceiver" listed in the front. Master carpenter Kesennuma three hidarimamol gate town torrent said. 0/1803 (1802), repair document remains.

Valuable as the temples and shrines of the mid-Edo period.
3/2008 Kesennuma City Board of education

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auto-translate 城堡县指定有形文化古迹
Fudarakusanji 寺殿
指定 1969/8/29

据报根据作出的天台宗 0/890 (890) 普陀寺寺开设赤坂小泽田中,fudarakusanji 寺。
0/1123年 (1123) Natori 老奶奶 (朝日雷恩),名取枪 30 建立野生锈普陀寺和 co gongen 建 oshu 33 观音朝圣。 在开赛后 hosoura 女主人熊谷直从杜克大学 0/1500 年废除了家臣 (1501) shohoji 寺 Phra RAM 9 假想 Windows 好 hosoura 成立索 fudarakusanji 寺,运动的。 作为创始人,中兴和 0/1538年 (1538 年),宝藏镜像寺 6 冬宫句硬奥修搬到现址周围的世界。
十六进制大厅 8 梁聪石膏奥修 0/1761年 (1761 年),寺 65 纪念渭田,日东廖田弟子奥修 「 下一步中完成 12 年 (1762)。
费用,例如日本日元八角殿,通常支持酒店在全国范围内罕见的六角形编结和装配屋顶施工技术。 2.69 m、 8.26 米的高度是长度的一侧,里面和外面的大厅被涂上了红色。 是 6 金字塔的身体,红瓦屋顶 (原始抖动)。 天花板漆 Ryu SUMI e。 KaiRo 与山墙,山墙酒店、 房子寿司,前往结构的坛上,把摇据说归于介意庄严的惠与川如意轮观音雕像。
仙台市锐丰寺 14 世界南山老梁善二刷片中前面列出的"感受"。 熟练的木匠师傅气仙沼市三个 hidarimamol 门镇洪流说。 0/1803年 (1802),修复文档保持。 有价值的寺庙和神社中期江户时代一样。

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