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auto-translate Now from the excavations back Jin Castle Guo transition Now back Jin Castle Guo ( commonly called honmaru ) over a period of 4 years from 1982, excavations were made. As a result, major Guo found that since the end of the 13-century functioned until the early 17 century.

Also found that can be classified fourth larger, from relics were found.
No. Ⅰ at the end of the 13-century-14 century term Potentate of the land in this area set up the gusuku. However, the terrain at that time didn't flat ground in the Rocky Mountains. So I scraped the rock Summit of the flat, sloping from East to West: slope built masonry retaining, yukjo version built on site put dirt on the inside. Museum dug standing pillar building was fenced around by rail and was equipped with an invasion of foreign enemies; ( オキナワツゲ by planting trees is a rail trail shows.

No. Ⅱ stage ( mid 14th century ) Instead of a fence is built stone walls. Also, building instead, cornerstone building Seiden (wings with a nave based temple building) was built. Ready to go-as the so-called Castle ( city.citizens ).

Also, local production of pottery are was no. Ⅰ may the composition of the child increases the use of ceramics from China, compared with the period we now gusuku forces get stronger.
No. Ⅲ period (14 century late-15 century first semester) It is time now flourished most gusuku. No. Ⅱ period on site than further expanded and reached the area of the current main Guo. Also, know that at this time first appeared in the literature, and especially the China trade was done. Proves it Chinese porcelain most abundantly has been excavated.

Buildings in the cornerstone building, one building was confirmed on-site south side.
No. Ⅳ period (1st semester 15 century early-17 century) Zhongshan King (, Mr. ) to conquered the now finished the period of prosperity of the gusuku. But the time was used as a base for fear for Nakayama from remote locations is causing rebellion the Castle, to prevent it from Zhongshan coming guards (Government official), governs the northern part. Cornerstone lined up in the center of the site is a building ruins of its guards.

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auto-translate 现在从挖掘回金城堡郭过渡

现在回到金城堡郭通常在 4 年期从 1982 年称为 honmaru),挖掘被做。因此,主要郭发现,自从 13 世纪末直到 17 世纪初起了作用。此外发现,可以分类第四次大的从发现的遗址。

号在结束了 13-世纪-14 世纪一词一
君王是在这一领域的土地成立了琉球。然而,在当时地形 didn't 平地面在洛矶山脉。所以我刮在单位内的岩石山顶,倾斜从东向西: 坡建砌体保留、 把泥土放在里面的网站上生成的 yukjo 版本。博物馆挖站支柱建设栅栏通过铁路和配备了入侵的外国敌人 ;植树,以 オキナワツゲ 是轨道跟踪显示。)

第二阶段中期 (14 世纪)
而不是一个篱笆建石头墙。此外,建设相反,基石建设 Seiden (翅膀与基础的教堂中殿庙大厦) 被修造了。准备好要去-作为所谓的城堡 city.citizens)。此外,本地生产的陶器有还号一可能的儿童增加组成的陶瓷来自中国,与我们现在琉球部队得到更强的时期相比使用。

第三时期 (14 世纪后期 15 世纪,第一学期)
这是时间现在蓬勃发展大多数琉球。号 ⅱ 期比进一步扩大和到达区域的当前主郭的网站上。此外,知道这次首次出现在文学和特别是中国做贸易。最充分证明它的中国瓷器已经发掘完毕。基石建设中的建筑,一楼是确认现场南侧。

第四期 (第一学期 15 世纪初至 17 世纪)
中山国王、 先生),现在已完成征服琉球的繁荣时期。但是,时间用作恐惧为中山从远程位置的基地导致叛乱的城堡,以防止其中山未来卫兵 (政府官员),规定了北部地区。在中心站点的排队的基石是其警卫建筑遗址。


 今帰仁城 主郭(俗称本丸)は、1982年から4年の期間をかけて発掘調査が行われました。その結果、主郭は13世紀末頃から17世紀前期まで機能していたことがわかりました。また、検出された遺構や遺物からして、大きく4期に区分できることがわかりました。






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Tags: 沖縄県 今帰仁村
monumento (2014/04/09)
Tags: 今帰仁城 沖縄県 今帰仁村
monumento (2014/04/09)
Tags: 沖縄県 今帰仁村
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Tags: 沖縄県 今帰仁村