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auto-translate The origin of bells
Bell was recast in kanei Temple is based on the 0/1882 tohshougu in Nara Prefecture re-installation athletic meeting as often as not, go-between establishment movement 0/1893 (1893).
Used part addition of Danka gov, political and business circles, North Union Liberal Party, from constitutional progressive party co-workers is finely engraved.
The tohshougu Fujiwara Hosei Park home escaped the metal recovery in crisis during the war, was in ruins and 11 characters in "Prince of the statement, Queen of the Fushimi shrine favor (mountain gate mark)" at the South used 水谷川 of Kasuga shrine, Kia said,. Smiths Osaka takatsu housing Imamura kyubei, by Fujiwara kiyohisa school called "blow out", recast in the environment. 0/1895 the 撞ki the beginning ceremony held funerals of the Bell Tower.
Most bells are 撞ita by parishioner representative Yoshimura length Kura (third generation). Donor plate Yoshimura length Kura (second 六代)

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auto-translate 钟声的起源

贝尔改写在兼井寺基于在奈良县重新安装运动会议经常作为不,中间人建立运动 0/1893 0/1882 tohshougu (1893 年)。
细刻已使用的部分另外东考 gov,政治和商业圈,北方联盟的自由党,从宪法的进步党的同事们。
Tohshougu 藤原法政公园回家在战争期间逃金属回收率在危机中的,克钦独立军说,是在废墟和王子发表声明,女王伏见神龛青睐 (山门口标记) 在南方使用水谷川的春日神社,在 11 个字符。
史密斯一家大阪鹰津住房今村 kyubei,由藤原清寿学校称为"井喷",在环境中重铸。 0/1895年撞ki 开始仪式举行葬礼的钟塔。 大多数的编钟是撞ita 由教友代表吉村长度库 (第三代)。
捐助者板吉村长度库拉 (第二个六代)


 もとは寛永年間の梵鐘 であったが、明治十五年当寺で奈良県再設置運動懇談会が再々催され、明治二十六年(1893)置県運動がとりもつ縁で梵鐘を改鋳した。
 当寺が藤原豊成 公宅跡であった関係から春日神社の水谷川忠起氏、南面縦帯部には「賛成伏見宮文秀女王殿下(山村門跡)」の十一文字があり、戦時下における金属回収の危機をまぬがれた。
プレート寄進者 吉村長藏(六代目)


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