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auto-translate On the toden 6080
Toden 6080 is a vehicle ran Asuka Mountain Park aside Arakawa line up to 4/1978. Forerunner of the Arakawa line was a private enterprise was familiar with the name of Prince den Ki orbit co., Ltd. and better known as "King electric suburban trains. 8/1911 Otsuka ⇔ is Aska mountain between 2.45 km opening in the beginning, then Prince Center in Waseda, 3-wheel, the Red Wings tie line is complete and 0/1942 were transferred to Tokyo City at that time. It is this vehicle is 6000 type is called, and after World War II for the first time in newly built car was manufactured in 0/1949.
Aoyama, Okubo, komagome garage through 3/1971 assigned to Arakawa garage and take their leave until worked as Tomin feet.
It is in Kita-ku, man of the tram on the occasion from the Bureau of transportation transfer children's facility was established.
Closing hour PM 4:30 next day AM ~ 9:00
Contact North Ward Road Park Division Phone 03-3908-9,275

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auto-translate 关于 6080 电荒
电荒 6080 是一辆车跑了飞鸟山公园一边荒川线达 4/1978年。
先行者的电荒川线是一家民营企业是熟悉的王子 den 淇轨道股份有限公司名称和更多的称为"国王电动郊区火车。8/1911年大冢 ⇔ 是美翼山在开始中打开的 2.45 公里之间,然后在早稻田,3 轮,红翼领带线王子中心已完成,0/1942年在当时被转移到东京城。它是这辆车是调用 6000 的类型,并在 0/1949年被制造了第一次在新落成的车二次世界大战后。青山、 大久保、 驹込通过 3/1971 分配给荒川车库车库和休假直到工作作为会场的脚。
结束小时 4:30 上午第二天上午 ~ 9:00
电话 03-3908-9,275

この都電 6080は昭和53年4月まで飛鳥山公園 脇の荒川線 を走っていた車両です。
閉鎖時間 PM4:30~翌AM9:00
連絡先 北区道路公園課
電話 03-3908-9275


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