auto-translate 1945年3月下旬亚太战争结束时位于羽原国立学校(现为羽原小学)...



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auto-translate The remains of the place and the road to raise the rice The Okinawa Army Hospital, which was located at the Haebaru National School (currently Haebaru Elementary School) at the end of March 1945 at the end of the Asia-Pacific War, was golden because the school building used as a ward was burned down. I moved to a group of forest moats. At the same time, the hospital-only kitchen has moved into the village of Kyan. The place was here in the Nago no Den area. At the beginning, the hospital had two meals, morning and evening. The food made in the kitchen is put in a barrel, and the medics, nurses, and Himeyuri students who came to pick it up from each moat are paired up with a balance pole, and bombs and rain are falling. Although I was taken by the muddy road, I carried it while being careful not to spill the contents desperately. One meal was a rice ball about the size of a tennis ball. After that, when the war situation became fierce and food became scarce, the size of rice balls became about the size of ping-pong balls, and the number of meals per day became one. The path that connected the kitchen to each moat in Kogane Forest is still partly left as the "Iiage no Michi".

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auto-translate 1945年3月下旬亚太战争结束时位于羽原国立学校(现为羽原小学)的冲绳陆军医院的遗迹和道路用作病房的校舍被烧毁。我搬到了一组森林护城河。与此同时,医院专用厨房也搬进了Kyan村。这个地方在名护之巢地区。一开始,医院分早晚两餐。厨房里做的食物都装在桶里,从各个护城河上来捡来的医务人员、护士和姬百合同学,配上一根平衡杆,炸弹雨下。虽然我被带走了在泥泞的道路上,我一边小心翼翼地小心不要把里面的东西洒出来,一边扛着它。一顿饭是一个网球大小的饭团。之后,战局愈演愈烈,食物变得稀缺,饭团的大小就变成了乒乓球那么大,每天吃饭的次数变成了一顿。连接厨房和小金林的护城河的道路,仍有一部分被称为“居上之道”。


 アジア・ 太平洋戦争 末期の1945年3月末、 南風原国民学校 (現在の南風原小学校)におかれていた 沖縄陸軍病院 は、病棟として使用していた校舎が焼失したため、黄金森の壕群に移ってきました。それと同時に、病院専用の炊事場も字喜屋武の集落内に移動してきました。その場所がここ名護之殿一帯でした。


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