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auto-translate 山 抑 、 、 山 荷 荷 荷 、 、 緣 緣 、 緣 、 、 、 山 荷 緣 緣 、 、 緣Following the education of the superiors of Japan and North Korea, they belonged to the Nichiren sect in Kansei. Later, in the year of Nagaroku in 1457, Honritsuin Nisumi opened the mountain and established the foundation. Keicho In 1919, following the opening of the Tokugawa area and the expansion of the Edo Castle area, he moved to his current location to build a red seal in the temple and was able to maintain his tradition. Inari Takashi, who worships at this mountain, is called Kusawa Inari, a grass division of the creation of Mt. Minobu. In addition, the statue of the priest of the morning of the morning, who lives in the main hall, is said to be sculptured for the benefit of the frequent act. Toyama Eighth Tamaminein Hizushi is a close friend of the Minobu Mt. . In particular, Hizushi built a mound mound based on the merit of the Hokkei Susan Ibanbe and the recitation, and because of the suppression of the acne that became popular at the time, many people who yearn for the virtue of the superiors visited the shrine and had no choice but to stay behind. At the time of the teenage shogun Ijiharu, the daughter of Atsunobu Toyama served as a concubine, and due to the relationship, many were engaged in services such as clan, Nakatsumi Oku, etc. It is said that the reputation of the shoguns was so reputable that the Akamon erection was allowed on this mountain. Therefore, it is famous as Yomon-ji Temple in Yotsuya-Kojimachi area and is said to have received a lot of Gagotansei. The reason for this is recorded on the cemetery and memorial service memorial tower, which is passed on to future generations. The sculpture of the dragon carved in Akamon was said to have been written by Jingoro, a master craftsman of Yasunaga, at the time, and it is said that the splendor is something that can be seen. Sadao Sena, a famous Japanese scholar, has written many books as a national scholar in Edo, and has extensive knowledge of the geography of Edo, including "Muromachi Sanreki", "December December", "Kanto Assistant", and "Tonogami Tsuji Supplementary Notes". Questions and answers are said to be done in this mountain. After that, Toyama would have been nervous after the Great Kanto Earthquake, but in this war, the Akamon, Tozo-style Nichido and Inari-do halls were all returned to Karasuri, and the current main hall, guest hall, and warehouse were built after the war. What is it. Showa 63, Boshin April 29, Myogyoji Temple Butler donation

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auto-translate 山荷,荷荷缘荷荷荷缘荷,,荷,缘缘,,缘,缘缘,,缘经过日本和朝鲜上级的教育,他们属于关西的日莲宗。后来,在1457年的Nagaroku年,Honritsuin Nisumi打开了这座山,并建立了基金会。庆一(Keicho)1919年,随着德川地区的开放和江户城(Edo Castle)地区的扩张,他搬到了现在的位置,在寺庙中建造了红色印章,并得以保留其传统。在这座山上崇拜的稻荷高里(Inari Takashi)是美浓布山创造的草丛,被称为草泽稻荷森(Kusawa Inarison)。另外,据说是为了保护人们的频繁活动而雕刻了早上的祭司雕像,该雕像居住在大礼堂中。富山八Tam玉水仁水是美浓山第36世志法的祖先六千人Hichojin的密友,宗教交流与宣传灵魂的精神息息相关。 。 Nisuzuki尤其以Hokkei Susan Ibanbe和朗诵的优点建造了一个土墩,由于当时流行的痤疮,许多渴望上司的人崇拜他们,将他们抛在了后面。第十届幕府将军伊藤春(Toyama Atsunobu Ito)的女儿担任a妃,由于这种联系,许多人从事宗族,中谷奥久等人的服务。据说幕府将军的名声如此之高,以至于赤山可以在这座山上竖立。因此,它在四谷小路町地区被称为有门寺,并被认为受到了很多高加道的欢迎。原因记录在墓地和追悼会纪念塔上,该塔传给了后代。据说,用赤门雕刻的龙雕塑是当时由安永的主要工匠金戈罗(Jingoro)所写的,据说这种辉煌是可以看到的。日本著名学者佐藤贞夫曾作为江户国立学者写过许多著作,对江户的地理学有广泛的了解,例如“室町三里记”,“ 12月”,“关东助手”和“ T上水崎补充笔记”。据说问题和答案是在这座山上完成的。之后,富山受到关东大地震的影响,但在大战中回到了赤门的Karayuyu,Tozo式的本堂Nicho-do,Inari-do等,并且在战后建造了当前的本堂,招待所和仓库。怎么了昭和63年,博新4月29日,妙代寺庙管家捐赠

稲荷山妙行寺 緣起

抑、当山は凡そ五百年前、後奈良天皇 の御字江戸城 際に開闢草創 せる、真言宗寺院
なりしが、時の住持頻伽法印、身延山 第十一世行学院日朝上人の教化を受け、寛正
頃、日蓮宗 に帰属せしものなり。その後、西紀一四五七年長禄 の年、本立院日純、開
山となり基礎を確立す。慶長 十九年に於て徳川 氏開府の助、江戸城域拡張に従い、朱
は身延山開創の草分分体にして草分稲荷尊 と称し、日朝上人と並んで地民の鑽仰厚か
十代将軍家治 の時、当山篤信伊藤氏の娘、側室として仕え、その縁により、一族、大
故に四谷麹町界隈に赤門寺 として有名を馳せ、多くの外護丹精を受けたりしといわれ
龍の彫刻は、当時、安永の名匠飛彈の甚五郎 作と伝えられ、そのすばらしさは衆目を
当山檀徒、瀬名貞雄は江戸の國学者として著書も多く「室町三礼記 」「十二月故實
関東補任記 」「殿上故実附記 」等を著し江戸の地理に詳しく太田南畝 との瀬田問答
当山は其後、関東大震災 には微動だにせざりしが、今次大戦により、赤門、土蔵造
りの本堂日朝堂、稲荷堂等、悉く烏有 に帰し現在の本堂、客殿、庫裡は戦後建立せし

昭和六十三年 戊辰 四月二十九日
妙行寺 執事
寄進 山田聲


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