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auto-translate Suizenji Seikoen 8-1 Suizenji Park, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City Kanei In the 16th year, Tadatoshi Hosokawa became the first Higo Hosokawa family lord by the Kato family. When the country changed from Kokura, a temple was set up as a `` Suizenji Temple &39;&39; for the priests / general houses from Ryuhanji Temple in Buzen (Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture) in the spring area southeast of Kumamoto Castle. The In addition, a sukiya-style teahouse will be built in the same area and will be called “Suizenji Ochanaya”. This is the beginning of Suizenji Seienen. After that, gardening was carried out for the third generation of the second generation Kumamoto Junko Kumamoto and the third generation Tsunari Duke, and a garden of almost the same size as the present was completed in 1671, and it was named `` Seihoen &39;&39; derived from the poetry of Tokuaki The It is a migratory garden centered on the spring water of Aso&39;s underground water, and it was designated as a national scenic spot and historic site in 1952. From the poem of Totsume Mitsunatsu and Tomeme Kyoraiji (Poetry of Going Home) * From the Sonohi Niwa Watarisei Sukei * Area: Approximately 73,000 square meters (pond area: approximately 11,000 square meters) * Number of pine trees Approx. 23 * Number of cherry trees Approx. 16 * Number of plum trees Approx. 14 *

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auto-translate Suizenji Seikoen熊本市熊本市中央区水前寺公园8-1细田忠敏(Tadatoshi Hosokawa)在19年,由于加藤一家,成为了肥后细川家族的第一位熊本负责人。当国家从小仓改变后,在熊本城堡东南部的泉区,从龙善寺(大分县中津市)来到熊本的祭司和别墅被建立为``水仙寺&39;&39;。的此外,将在同一地区建造一个具有sukiya风格的茶馆,称为“ Suizenji Ochanaya”。这是Suizenji Seienen的开始。之后,对第二代熊本顺子的第三代和第三代熊本公爵进行了园艺,于1671年完成了一个与现在几乎一样大小的花园,取名于东洋明朗的诗歌中的``Seijoen&39;&39;的这是一个以阿苏地下水泉水为中心的迁徙花园,1952年被指定为国家风景名胜区和历史遗迹。取材于三津直una诗人梅木京之路德昭(重返故乡)的诗作,其作者为ow濑信彦*面积:约73,000平方米(池塘面积:约11,000平方米)*松树数量约23 *樱桃树数量约16 *李子树数量约14 *

水前寺成趣園 熊本市中央区水前寺公園8−1
寛永 九年(一六三二)、細川忠利 公は加藤家改易 により
肥後細川家 はじめての熊本藩主 となります。小倉 からの
国替え に際して、熊本城 東南の湧水地豊前 (大分県中津
市)羅漢寺 から熊本に来ていた住職・玄宅のために、一寺を
設けて「水前 寺」と号します。また、同地に数寄屋 風の御
きあがり、陶淵明 の詩に由来する「成趣園 」と名付けられ
ます。阿蘇伏流水 の泉水を中心とする回遊式庭園 で、昭
みつ なお
つな とし
陶淵明の詩(帰去来辞 )の一文「園日二渉以成ス趣」より
*面積 約七三,000平方メートル
(池の面積 約11,000平方メートル)
*松の木の本数 約二三0本
*桜の木の本数 約一六○本
*梅の木の本数 約一四○本


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水前寺成趣園 熊本市中央区水前寺公園8−1


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