auto-translate 村庄城堡遗址(县历史遗址)新庄镇城堡的主要城堡的第4个儿子,Nu...



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auto-translate Village castle ruins (prefecture historical site) The 4th son of the main castle of the Shinjo town castle, Numata Koheikawa Koheikawa, and the political view joined Jouka 2 years, the capital of the city of Ueda and Takehara, and the castle was based on this castle. A 10-year-old astronomical view of Takehara, who had attacked Taketo&39;s Satoshi Ginzanjo (Gion-machi, Gion-cho, Hiroshima City) along with Mototoshi, got sick and died. At the edge where Mrs. Kokkei was a former lord (Son-mon&39;s brother, a daughter of Ko-gen), the third son Takakage of Mouri-minato joined the Takemura Kobayakawa family as he was 13 years old (12 years old) and entered Kimura Castle The Furthermore, he inherited the Numata Kobayakawa family and transferred to Takayama Castle (National Historic Site Hongo-cho) for 20 years. The ruins of the castle are located on a hill 150m above the ground, and there are several rings in addition to the ones corresponding to Honmaru, Ninomaru and Sanomaru, and a beautiful stone assembly well remains. There is a trace of Wakamiyasha in the northern end, but it may be the guardian deity of the castle. According to the documents from the Muromachi period, "This castle should never be taken away by anyone, let&39;s build castles with many men and women five times a month. Let&39;s assign and repair spears and spears." Is noted. Takehara City Tourism Association --- Kobayakawa Masakage Kobayakawa Takakage

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auto-translate 村庄城堡遗址(县历史遗址)新庄镇城堡的主要城堡的第4个儿子,Numata Koheikawa Koheikawa和政治观点加入了Jouka 2年,Ueda和Takehara市的首都,并且城堡以这座城堡为基础。竹原的一个10年的天文观点,与Mototoshi一起袭击了Taketo的Satoshi Ginzanjo(祗园町,祗园町,广岛市),生病了并且死了。在Kokkei夫人是前领主(Son-mon的兄弟,Ko-gen的女儿)的边缘,Mouri-minato的第三个儿子Takakage在他13岁(12岁)时加入了Takemura Kobayakawa家族并且进入了木村城这是。此外,他继承了Numata Kobayakawa家族并转移到高山城(国立历史遗址本乡町)20年。城堡的废墟位于地面以上150米的山上,除了与本丸,Ninomaru和Sanomaru相对应的山之外,还有几个环,还有一个漂亮的石头组合井。在北端有一丝Wakamiyasha,但它可能是城堡的守护神。根据室町时代的文件,“这座城堡永远不会被任何人带走,让我们每月五次建造许多男女城堡。让我们分配和修理长矛和长矛。”注意到了。竹原市观光协会--- Kobayakawa Masakage Kobayakawa Takakage

木村城跡(県史跡) 新庄町城の本
 沼田 小早川茂平 の四男、政景が正嘉2年、都宇、竹原庄の地頭職を得て入部し、この城に拠った。 天文10年、武田氏(尼子方)の佐東銀山城(広島市祇園町武田山)を元就と共に攻めていた竹原の興景が陣中で病没した。興景の夫人が元就のめい(元就の兄、興元の娘)であった縁で、 毛利元就 の三男隆景が天文13年(12才)竹原小早川家を相続し木村城へ入った。
さらに天文20年、沼田小早川家を相続して高山城(国史跡本郷町)に移った。 城跡は標高150mの丘陵上に、本丸、二の丸、三の丸に相当する曲輪のほか何段かの曲輪があり、見事な石組井戸が残る。 北端に若宮社の跡が残っているが城の守護神であろう。室町時代の文書に「この居城は、だれがなんといってもけっして、はずされてはならない。月に5度ずつ大勢の人夫で築城させよ。塀や櫓も割りあてて修理させよ」
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