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auto-translate When Segawa Funajo Site Toyotomi Hideyoshi was united with the world, and erected the temple of the Great Buddha Temple of Great Temperament “Taikai Taihei” as the one boasting its powers, the materials (stones) were taken from the Sejima Island In order to order the various daimyos and carry them out from the port of Fushimi to Kyoto, Tensho 14 (1856 6), then the commerce of the then-era commerce ・ Ryo Kadokura ordered them to dig along the outside of the doi, The Takase River is a canal (canal) that was opened with the sons of Japan from the present Ichinomine (Niijo) to Fushimi in 1911. After that, the Takase River was used until 1929, as an important passage for carrying daily goods, as well as rice, timber, charcoal, etc., to Kyoto. At that time, the Takase boat "Sakai" used to be a high-height "board", so that it could load and survive a rapid flow with a shallow flat boat at the bottom of the ship to match a shallow river. With this kind of fence, bridge at five or six points at once, and build a rope that is one step lower than the ordinary road made by the boatmen on both sides with Hoei and Hooi, while standing on the back. I pulled up with a rope and came up. At that time there were more than nine rice rivers in this area, and the shore was like a sandy beach, making it a boat shelter. In addition, it is said that there is a memorial shop around Kikuhama inhabitant&39;s hall in the people and town interchange center in the south-east corner, and there are always some Takase mounds connected to the mound junction from here to the upper Rokujo Bomon (Gojo) . _ Gojo Bridge (Hatsugi Bridge), Shichijo Kobashi Bridge, etc. are raised so that people can pull a rope under the bridge. The car was not able to cross even if we were tired because it consisted of (ten steps of stair)-and the front bridge was a steep uphill to the bridge, so the car loaded with timber etc. is on both sides It is said that people put on the rope from behind and pushed from behind still. In addition, there are street names and town names such as Kiyamachi Street · (Big Buddha) Main Street · Umebuka Town · Tomihama Town · Aya Town · Timber Town as a thing in connection with this river, and trading of rice in the front street Kiyamachi East at that time There is a place, and the name "Yonehama" is left as a post office name. Kikuhama Takasugawa Yasutoshikai HIGH HIGH

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auto-translate 当Segawa Funajo网站丰臣秀吉与世界联合,并建立了大气质的大佛寺“泰凯太平”作为一个吹嘘其权力的寺庙,材料(石头)取自世岛岛为了订购各种daimyos并将它们从伏见港运往京都,Tensho 14(1856 6),那时当时商业的商业·Ryo Kadokura命令他们沿着土地的外面挖掘,高濑川是一条运河(运河),它与日本的儿子从现在的Ichinomine(Niijo)开放到1911年的伏见。之后,高濑河一直使用到1929年,作为向京都运送日用品,大米,木材,木炭等的重要通道。当时,高濑船“Sakai”曾经是一个高高度的“板”,因此它可以装载并在船的底部使用浅平船快速流动以匹配浅水河。有了这种围栏,一下子就可以在五六点处搭桥,并且建造一条绳子,比两边的船员用Hoei和Hooi制作的普通道路低一级,同时站在后面。我拉起绳子走了过来。当时这个地区有超过九条大米河,岸边就像一个沙滩,使它成为一个避风港。另外,据说在东南角的人民和市镇交流中心的Kikuhama居民的大厅周围有纪念商店,并且从这里到上部Rokujo Bomon(Gojo)总是有一些连接到土墩交界处的高冢土墩。 _ Gojo Bridge(Hatsugi Bridge),Shichijo Kobashi Bridge等都被抬起,以便人们可以在桥下拉绳子。即使我们累了,这辆车也不能穿过,因为它由(十级台阶)组成 - 前桥是一座陡峭的上坡桥,因此装满木材等的车辆两侧都是据说人们从后面戴上绳子,然后从后面推。另外,有街道名称和城镇名称,例如Kiyamachi Street·(大佛)主街·Umebuka镇·Tomihama Town·Aya Town·Timber Town作为与这条河有关的东西,当时前面的街道Kiyamachi East的大米交易有一个地方,名称“Yonehama”留作邮局名称。 Kikuhama Takasugawa Yasutoshikai HIGH HIGH

豊臣秀吉天下統一 の後、その権勢を誇るものとして「天下泰平
祈願の寺・方広寺 (大仏殿 )を建立した時、その資材(石材)を瀬戶內
の島より諸大名に命じて、伏見 の港から京へ搬入するために、天正
十四年(一五八六)、当時の豪商角倉了以 に命じて、御土居の外に
沿って掘らせ、慶長 十九年(一六一四)、現・一之舟入(二条)から
伏見まで息子素庵と共に開通させた水路(運河 )が高瀬川 である。
当時使われていた高瀬舟「舟 」 は、水深の浅い川に合わせた船底の
浅い平らな舟で急流を荷を積んで乗り切れるように「高背」即ち船べ -
り船廻し場となっていた。また、ひと・まち交流館東南角の菊浜 区民
門樋橋(榎木橋 )・七条小橋 などみな高くしてあり、六軒橋・上の口
橋は階段式(十段ほどの石段)と成っていたため、人は疲れても車は -
尚、この川に因んだものとして木屋町通り ・(大仏)正面通り ・梅
通り木屋町東には米の取引所が有り、その「米浜 」と言う名が郵便局



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