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auto-translate I Naoya Ko Sakai Monument Zhejiang Designated Cultural Property (City Treasure) Designated Date March 17, 2007 Ii Naoya Ko Sakai Memorial is located at the north side of Izu-mi Shrine Kagura-den, at a height of 3 meters It is a stone monument of eighty-two centimeters. It was built in December of 1974 (1901), and in the front is largely engraved with "Legacy in the fourth rank on the left, while in the upper side on the back." The inscription is engraved on the bottom of the "Open Port Monument". In addition, on the front and back of the stone foundation, the names of the three hundred and seventy eight who donated money to build the monument are engraved. This monument conveys the achievements of Ii Naoya, who achieved the establishment of the country, and the virtues of Yuhachi Komachi, who served as a scholar to Ii House. Under the leadership of Izumi Shrine Komachi, the people in the Izumi area are the center, and it is thought that it was built by the movement that raised Sabae village. The stone monuments were built in the Edo period, when Izumi village was part of the Iiiya Setagaya territory, Yuhachi Komachi who served as a scholar of Ii Ii was from Izumi village, etc. You can see the intention to widely communicate Naoya and Komachi Yuhachi as pride of Sabae-mura. In addition, it is assumed that about 20% of the contributors of donations carved in stone monument stone foundations are people in Sabae village, and in addition, those influential persons in the Santama area and influential persons in the Tachibanari-gun, Kanagawa prefecture, etc. You can check the name. From the monument you can also look at the extensive human network of the people of Zhejiang. The Ii Naoki Kokei Memorial was originally built as an award for Ii Naoya, and villagers in Sabae village, while reflecting on the history of their own village, also made achievements of Naoya Ii and Yuhachi Komachi. It was built to communicate widely, and it will be a very important cultural asset for the history of Zhejiang. The beginning of the foreign country&39;s Sirahi in Japan in August, 1995, in the back of the Sabae City Board of Education in the back of the Sabae City Board of Education, is far from the time of the Kamiya generation. After the beginning of the war, the West and the rest of the countries in the West have been further protected by the three Rokili and the three countries, and the years have passed since the protection of the Uchizu. It is possible that there will be people who are teachers from the great world of Emperor Go Nara, and that there may be people from all over the world. Before the Great Emperor, he came to the port of Matsuuraga in the suburbs of the Amerika, and there are all the other people of the world who have been to the Imperial Grand Court. There are things in the world of things that are in the world of things that are in the world of progress and that are in the past Those who know the spirit and willingness to the people who are aware of it and who can be made to be able to be open to the public when they can go to the public will be able to take care of it in this way so it will open three ports in Yokohama Hakodate in five years At the beginning of being able to be public, when it comes to the administration of Tokugawa Shogun, the elder is the leader of Iori Naoto, who is a strong man with a strong heart and a young man If you go out of this place and ask Yamakawa to go to the world, Professor Tamagawa and Yuhachi Komachi will also serve as a teacher of the study. If Ii&39;s land is located in the area of Ie in Sakai-nada, Kitatama-gun, which has the power of being able to save Aso for the sake of foreigner&39;s shaurah, it is possible to find Mr. Tamagawa as a teacher. If you build this monument on a monument that will be a land of Hessian Naouchi has a barrage of lines in his apostles, and he is a well-meaning man in a small town.The Komachi people, who have lost their heart and soul, are obsessed, and Mr. Tamagawa&39;s aunt Komachi people, who are present in the priesthood, are less likely to have troubles, but they are less likely to have troubles. Four years Higashi-miya lecturer fourth-ranked fourth-class fourth-ranked officer 中 中 社 Hie Shinto shrine Miyaji Shoji seventh place Kubo Megumi

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auto-translate 我Naoya Ko Sakai纪念碑浙江指定文化财产(城市宝藏)指定日期2007年3月17日Ii Naoya Ko Sakai纪念馆位于Izu-mi Shrine Kagura-den的北侧,高度为3米这是一座八十二厘米的石碑。它建于1974年12月(1901年),在前面大部分刻有“左边第四排的遗产,而背面的上边”。铭文刻在“开放港口纪念碑”的底部。此外,在石头基础的正面和背面,刻有捐赠建造纪念碑的三百七十八名的名字。这座纪念碑传达了实现国家建立的Ii Naoya的成就,以及作为Ii House学者的Yuhachi Komachi的美德。在Izumi Shrine Komachi的领导下,Izumi地区的人们是中心,并且被认为是由提出Sabae村的运动建造的。石头纪念碑是在江户时代建造的,当时Izumi村是Iiiya Setagaya地区的一部分,作为Ii Ii学者的Yuhachi Komachi来自Izumi村等。你可以看到广泛传播Naoya和Komachi Yuhachi的意图是Sabae-mura的骄傲。此外,假设在石碑石基础上雕刻的捐款的贡献者中约有20%是在Sabae村的人,此外还有圣山地区的有影响人物和神奈川县立川郡的有影响力的人等。你可以查看名字。从纪念碑你也可以看到浙江人民广泛的人文网络。 Ii Naoki Kokei纪念馆最初是作为Ii Naoya奖和Sabae村的村民建造的,同时反映了他们自己村庄的历史,也取得了Naoya Ii和Yuhachi Komachi的成就。它的建立是为了广泛传播,它将成为浙江历史上非常重要的文化资产。 1995年8月,在Sabae市教育委员会后面的Sabae市教育委员会的后面,外国的Sirahi开始于Kamiya一代。战争开始后,西方和西方其他国家得到了三个罗基利和三国的进一步保护,自内水保护以来已经过去了多年。有可能会有来自奈良皇帝的伟大世界的教师,并且可能有来自世界各地的人。在大帝之前,他来到了美国郊区的Matsuuraga港口,世界上所有其他人都去过皇家大法院。事物世界中的事物存在于进化世界和过去世界中那些了解其意识的人的精神和意愿,以及能够在公众面前向公众开放的人,将能够以这种方式照顾它,因此它将在五年内在横滨函馆开设三个港口在能够公开的开始,当谈到德川幕府将军的管理时,长老是Iori Naoto的领导者,他是一个有着坚强的心和一个年轻人的强者。如果你离开这个地方并要求Yamakawa去世界,Tamagawa教授和Yuhachi Komachi也将担任该研究的老师。如果Ii的土地位于Kitatama郡的Sakai-nada的Ie区域,它有能够为外国人的shaurah拯救Aso的能力,有可能找到Tamagawa先生作为老师。如果你在一座纪念碑上建造这座纪念碑,那将是一片土地Hessian Naouchi在他的使徒中有一连串的线条,他在一个小镇上是一个善意的人。失去了心灵和灵魂的小町人痴迷,出现在祭司职位的多摩川先生的小姨小町人不太可能有麻烦,但他们不太可能有麻烦。四年东宫讲师第四名四等排名第四的官员中中社Hie Shinto神社Miyaji Shoji第七名久保惠

井伊直弼公敬慕碑 狛江市指定文化財(市重宝)

指定年月日 平成二十七年三月十七日
井伊直弼 公敬慕碑は、伊豆美神社神楽殿 の北側脇に位置する高さ三メートル八十二センチの石碑です。明治
この石碑は、開国 を成し遂げた井伊直弼の功績と井伊家に儒学者として仕えた小町雄八の遺徳を伝えるもので
す。伊豆美神社の小町 主導の下、和泉地域の人々が中心となり、狛江村を挙げての運動によって建てられた
井伊直弼公敬慕碑は、井伊直弼を顕彰するものとして最初に建てられたものであり、また、狛江村 の村人たちが、

いまた公になし行ふへき時そいたらさりけるかくて安政 五年に横浜長崎函館の三の港を開きたるか
此の事の公になれる始にてそは徳川将軍 の政をとれる時にしてそのをりの大老は井伊直弼朝臣


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