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auto-translate Enmadou Ondo Doujutsu is a full-size costume crowned with a right-handed figure, a figure of Ono Samurai (Edo period) and a kid and a prison king, and then a statue of Enma the Great (Satoshi Ono) At the same time, they gather together the statues of Kobo Daishi (Kukai). Akira Ono (8002-852) is a son of Kono Ono, a politician in the early Heian who was in charge of the Emperor Roh. He is known as a literator and a poet. He became a high-level bureaucrat, a cabinet-level consul- sion, from a literary student to a bachelor of Higashinomiya (teacher of the prince), etc. He was also an excellent literary person in horsemanship, archery, swordsmanship, and other martial arts. The bizarre legend that he is a cruel character, has many strange acts to be said to be a "frenzy", works at the court during the day, and is an official of the Enma Royal Palace at night, "Edanshi", "The Story of Now, etc." In the end of Heian period, the second eunuch in the Enma Agency, which always travels between the present world and the Shinfu area, has a unique Shintsu ability, as it is also seen in many articles of the Japanese narratives and the “Forum of Exposition Book”. It can be seen that it was told and told that it was. In addition, while being appointed as deputy commissioner in the middle of thirties (8338) in the middle of the 5 th year of peace (8 38 8), he fought with the ambassador Toshiya Fujiwara, and satire the system of envoys in honor of the poem “Sidonjo”. In some cases, he touched the emperor&39;s anger and became guilty to Oki and was deprived of any official position. However, he was allowed to return to Tokyo in the 7th year of peace (eight hundred forty), and after that he went high on schooling and climbed up to a good office and took the position of obedience in 14th year of peace. It is also known from the fact that they have an extraordinary gift of jealousy. The songs that were sung when the nephew was sent to Oki in the penal colony were also taken by the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, and there are many people who know it. Watahara Take over Yatsushima and tell people not to row out Amano fishing boat Ono Samurai "A well for visiting Edo" 30m Ahead Please see from the lattice window on the right side in front of the main hall.

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auto-translate Enmadou Ondo Doujutsu是一个全尺寸的服装,加上一个右手的形象,一个小野武士(江户时代)的形象,一个孩子和一个监狱之王,然后是一个Enma the Great(小野聪)的雕像与此同时,他们聚集在一起坐像等。小野晃(8002-852)是平野早期的政治家河野小野的儿子,他是负责卢武帝的人。他被称为文人和诗人。他成为一名高级官僚,内阁级别的咨询,从文学学生到东宫的学士学位(王子的老师)等。他也是一个马术,射箭,剑术和其他武术的优秀文学家。奇怪的传说他是一个残酷的角色,有许多奇怪的行为被称为“狂热”,白天在法庭上工作,晚上是恩玛皇宫的官员,“Edanshi”,“现在的故事”等。在平安时代结束时,Enma机构中的第二位太监总是在现在的世界和新府地区之间旅行,具有独特的Shintsu能力,在日本叙事和“博览会论坛”的许多文章中都可以看到它。可以看出它被告知并告知它是。另外,在和平的第5年中期(8 38 8)被任命为三十年代中期(8338)的副专员,他与大使Toshiya Fujiwara一起战斗,并且为了纪念诗“Sidonjo”而讽刺使节制度。在某些情况下,他触动了皇帝的愤怒,并对Oki感到内疚,并被剥夺了任何官方立场。然而,在和平的第七年(八百四十年),他被允许返回东京,之后他继续上学并爬上一个好办公室,并在和平的第14年采取服从的立场。事实也是因为他们有一种非凡的嫉妒礼物。当侄子被派往刑事殖民地的Oki时所唱的歌曲也被Ogura Hyakunin Isshu拍摄,有很多人都知道。 Watahara接管Yatsushima并告诉人们不要划出Amano渔船Ono Samurai“一个参观江户的井”30米前方请从主大厅前面右侧的格子窗看到。

閻魔堂 篁堂
求帝姿の小野篁 立像(江戸時代 )と季童子や
獄卒鬼王さらにその後には、閻魔大王 坐像
(小野篁作)を安置するととも弘法大師 (空海 )
小野篁(八〇二~八五二)は、参議小野岑守 の子で、
嵯峨天皇 につかえた平安初期政治家 であり
文人歌人 として知られる。
文章生より東宮学士 (皇太子 の先生)などを経て
閣僚 級である参議という高級官僚にまでなり、
また乗馬弓術剣術 など武芸百般 にも優れた
文武両道 の人物であった。
や「今昔物語 」などの説話集や「元亨釈書
には篁が、独特の神通力 を有しつねに現世と
冥府 の間を往来する閻魔庁 における第二の冥
また、篁は承和 五年(八三八)三十代半ばで遣唐副
使に任じられながら、大使の藤原常嗣 と争い、
西道謡 」という詩を詠んで遣唐使 制度を風刺し
たことなどにより上皇 の怒りに触れて
隠岐 へ流罪となり、一切の官位官職を奪われ
歌は小倉百人一首 にも採られ、知る人多い。

わたの原 八十島かけて 漕ぎ出でぬと
人には告げよ あまのつり船



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